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-Digital Devices

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Digital devices - Mobile Phones - Core functions means what it was made for e.g to make voice calls on the go - Added functions means what has been added to the devices over time for example; internet browsing (steam videos and music), GPS receivers (get local information like weather and also used as a navigational device). Entertainment (play music and games). Productivity (learning and financial). Data storage (store photos and videos) and camera to take pictures and videos. - Roaming is when you use your mobile abroad. - Security; hide phone when out and about to prevent phone theft. Set a password to be able to get into the device. Lock the SIM card. - Different needs; who is it for? What will they use it for? What peripherals do they want to use it with?
Digital Devices - Personal Computers (Desktop Computers) - Input and output peripherals needed such as speakers - Have hard disk drives, CD and DVD drives - powerful processors - Good connectivity (USB) -Can have blue tooth and wifi fitted for wireless communication -Easy to upgrade and enhance.
Digital Devices - Personal Computers (Laptop Computers) - battery powered - Monitor, webcam built in - Have hard disk drives and optical drives such a s CD and DVD slots. - Have bluetooth and/or wifi built in. - Good connectivity. - Less easy to dismantle and upgrade.
Digital Devices - Personal Computers (Netbook Computers) - Very strong and robust -Built in monitor and keyboard - Boot up very quickly and can be used immediately. -Wifi built in for wireless internet connection - No hard disk or optical drives - Designed for using the internet
Digital Devices - Personal Computers (Tablet Computers) - very light and portable - Battery powered - Touch screen interface - On screen keyboard -Wifi and blutooth avaliable - Cameras for pictures and videos -Can download and run apps (applications) -Can play media like videos and music.
Digital devices - Personal Computers (Features To Consider) - Processor speed; a quick processor means a faster computer - Sound/graphics card; allows you to hear and see graphics, videos and music. - Wifi; a wifi enabled computer can access wireless internet connection. - RAM; (random access memory); lots of RAM will help the computer store more apps. -Storage capacity; a large storage capacity means you can store more files - Number of USB ports; many peripherals use USB ports. -Battery life; for portable devices a long battery life means less charging.
Digital Devices - Cameras and Camcorders (Features) - Zoom in using optical or digital zoom - take photos, record sound and HD video - Download files to a computer using a USB or bluetooth - View files on TV using USB and HDMI ports. -Crop and edit files using inbuilt software -Store files with SD and micro SD cards -View images/videos immediately on LCD lock screen
Digital devices - Cameras and Camcorders (Zoom and Resolution) -Digital zoom = just enlarges part of the image which can become blurred -Optical zoom = moves the lens closer to light from the subject is bought to a focus on the sensor. -Resolution = Images are made from pixels. A pixel is a tiny point in an image. a mega pixel is one million pixels. the more pixels, the more detailed the image and the higher quality so it can be zoomed into more times. The more pixels the larger the file size.
Digital Devices - Cameras and Camcorders (Extra Features) - GPS Receiver- some cameras have an inbuilt GPS receiver so that geographical coordinates can be stored in the megadata: small text files stored with each image giving information like where the photo was taken. GPS satellites ---> camera ---> Wifi ---> Online album - Wifi = many cameras enable wifi so users can now email the photos or videos to upload them online without having to transfer them to a computer first. - Personal camcorders = these are cheap devices which have a better specification than smart phones and they can record HD videos.
Digital Devices - Media Players (Key Features, Media Formats) -Small light, easy to carry - Uses solid state memory so they songs dont 'skip' when jolted - Long battery life - Hold a lot of media (songs, podcasts, videos etc.) - Can lock to prevent accidental activation - Simple interfaces, e.g. jog wheel - Audio Formats = MP3 and WMA Still images = JPEG, GIF and PNG - Video = MPEG-4 and WMV
Digital Devices - Media Players (Security) - Locks automatically if not used for a certain period of time -Uses antivirus software -Reset mode; deletes all data - Only reactivates when the correct password is put in to the device
Digital Devices - Media Player (DRM and Connectivity) - Digital Rights Management (DRM) prevents you from making copies of audio and video files that you have downloaded onto your media player. - Wireless transfer using = Wifi, bluetooth and infarred - HDMI port = allows users to view HD movies on TV through the HDMI cable - USB port = allows transfer of files at up to 5 gigabites per second with USB 3.0 cable
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