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A mindmap summarising key information about "Uses of Digital Devices" for ICT GCSE revision.

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  1. Digital devices allow people to communicate at any time, any place:
    1. text messages (SMS)
      1. social networking sites
        1. instant messaging
          1. media messages (MMS)
            1. voice calls
              1. video calls
                1. emails
                2. Can be used for leisure
                  1. watching high-def films on Blu-ray players
                    1. blu-ray: a disk that allows recording, rewriting, playback of high-definition video (HD) and storing large amounts of data. Has more than 5 times the tsorage capacity of traditional DVD's.
                      1. high definition (HD): the picture on a TV screen made of lines of pixels. Normal TV: 625 lines, refreshed 25 times per second. HD: 720 or 1080 lines= clearer, sharper image.
                      2. watching more channels on digital TV
                        1. streaming films
                          1. stream: content is sent in a compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time. No downloading, only continuous stream of data playing as it arrives on a special player.
                          2. listening to music and watching films with personal media players
                            1. playing games with consoles or computers
                              1. games console: interactive games computer
                              2. reading with ebook readers
                                1. keeping in touch through social networking sites
                                  1. social networking site: online community where people can communicate and share information
                                  2. taking photos and videos with digital cameras and camcorders
                                    1. displaying phtos with digital photo frames
                                    2. can be used for travel:
                                      1. find routes using sat navs and GPS (global positioning system)
                                        1. sat nav: device, usually used in car, gives direction based on information recieved from a series of satellites.
                                          1. GPS: navigational system used in many devices which gives current location.
                                          2. tracking locations of cars and vans
                                            1. geotag images
                                              1. geotag: to attach exact geographical coordinates of longitude and latitude to a digital image, giving the location of where it was taken.
                                            2. WORKED EXAMPLE Explain how having access to the Internet can enhance a person's work life
                                              1. -Being able to use specialist software, such as spreadsheet software, makes them more productive. - They will be able to collaborate with work colleagues more easily. - Thanks to teleconferencing and video conferencing they have to travel to fewer meetings, saving them time.
                                                1. Target E-C
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