The Renaissance

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What do we call the period of European history when ancient Greek and Roman ideas became fashionable, among the rich and educated? The Renaissance
What period of change led to a decline in the churches authority? The Reformation
Which organisation was set up in 1660 in Britain by educated people who wished to discuss new ideas? Royal Society
Who was professor of surgery at Padua university, Italy in 1543? Andreas Vesalius
Which book did Andreas Vesalius publish that included drawings of muscles, nerves, organs and skeletons based upon dissections? The Fabric of the Human Body
Galen said the heart had a septum with holes in it, what did Vesalius prove? That the septum did not have holes in it
Galen said that the liver had five parts or lobes, what did Vesalius prove? The liver did not have any lobes
Galen said the lower jaw was made up of two bones, what did Vesalius prove? That this was true for monkeys and pigs but in humans it was a single bone.
Galen said the sternum had seven parts, what did Vesalius prove? That the sternum had only three parts.
What was invented in Germany in the mid-15th century that made it easy to produce copies of Vesalius' work quickly and cheaply? The printing press
Which Englishman proved that Galen was wrong about veins and blood? William Harvey
What did William Harvey discover about veins? They only carry blood not blood and air
What did William Harvey discover about how blood is manufactured? It is not manufactured by the liver and it is not used up by the body - it circulates around the body
What did William Harvey discover about how blood is manufactured? It is not manufactured by the liver and it is not used up by the body - it circulates around the body
What book did Harvey publish in 1628? An Anatomical Account of the motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals.
What did Harvey say the heart acted as? A pump
Why were Harvey's ideas not accepted by many people at the time? Harvey did not have the technology to prove capillaries existed, so was unable to prove conclusively that blood circulated.
Which Dutch scientist developed better lenses for microscopes? Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek
When Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek used his improved microscopes he discovered bacteria, what did he call bacteria in a letter to the Royal Society in 1673? Animalcules
Why did Harvey's and Vesalius' work have little impact on medicine and treatment in the renaissance? It was based on physiology (how the body functions) rather than on the cause or treatment of illness.
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