6. The Renaissance Medicine

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6. The Renaissance Medicine
1 Example of change
1.1 Art improved
1.1.1 Clear picture in anatomy book
1.2 Printing Press develop
1.2.1 Mass Produce of medical book More widely read Ideas spread quickly
1.3 Catholic Church control on medicine declined
1.4 Some doctors proved Galen wrong
1.5 Science become more important at this time
1.5.1 It was trendy to look at how the world/body worked
1.6 Rakers, Watchmen ect in the plague
2 Example of continuity
2.1 Galen was studied for 100 years
2.2 Monasteries kept Roman ideas on Public Health alive
2.3 No idea what caused disease
3 What did they think caused diseases?
3.1 THE PLAGUE – Returned in 1665 No one knows what caused it:
3.1.1 More awareness that they could stop it spreading
3.1.2 Did more to contain the Plague than the Middle Ages
3.1.3 Their efforts were ht and miss (mostly miss)
3.1.4 Didn’t know it was spread by rats or about germs
3.1.5 Sented by God For their sins
3.1.6 Bad air
3.1.7 Planets
3.1.8 Imbalance of the four humours
4 Treatment/Prevention
4.1 THE PLAGUE 1665


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4.1.2 Searchers Checked dead bodies if they died of the plague
4.1.3 Watchmen Stood outside plague victims houses to stop people going in or GOOD IDEA - It quarantines victims
4.1.4 Rakers Cleared away the rubbish
4.1.5 Victim Bodies of the plague were taken at night and buried 6ft deep in mass graves outside cities
4.1.6 Dogs and Cats were killed – thought to spread the plague BAD IDEA - Rats increased!
5 Key ideas
5.1 Studenst encouraged to copy Romans and Greeks ideas
5.2 Re-examine what the Greeks and Romans had dome and come up with new ideas
6 Key figures
6.1 Vesalius
6.1.1 Challenged Galen’s ideas Encouraged dissections of bodies
6.1.2 Student got close to SEE the dissection and what he was describing
6.1.3 Produce a Book using skilled artist for accurate drawing The fabric of the Human Body – 1543
6.1.4 He proved Galen was wrong about the kidney and the jaw
6.2 Harvey
6.2.1 Proved that the heart pumped blood around the body through experiments
6.2.2 Proved that Galen was wrong Galen said that the blood was used up like fuel By measuring how much blood was in the body and that it wasn’t used up
6.3 Pare
6.3.1 A French Army Surgeon
6.3.2 Didn’t like burning wound to stop them bleeding and used ligatures (Silk threads to tie up wounds)
6.3.3 Used old Roman ointment to treat gunshot wounds instead of boiling oil It worked better, less painful and less infection
6.3.4 Wrote a book A treatise on wounds
7 Who Treated illness?
7.1 Same as the Middle Ages


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