the renassance

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Created by elliemayxx about 6 years ago
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the renassance
1 harvey
1.1 harvey used scientific ideas espeacilly on animals. he came up with new ideas on the circuratory system.harvey used many demonstrations to show people he was right published book in 1628 still demonstrated today. over 350 years old he didnt rely on what other people said.
2 vesalius
2.1 surgery was changed by vesalius vesalius showed the truth made a map at the vesalius in the body. family medical based published youse to use galens in europe work.but he learnt that helped he made mistakes new 1540 vesalius shared scientists room with john his teach keys. believer in galen said he disagreed with each should other keys defended galen
3 book names
3.1 1628 called anatomical account of the motion of the heart and blood in animals
4 the impact of the renaissance
4.1 There was a number of technological developments
4.1.1 dutch scientist van lee uwenhoeu developed better lenses for a microscope he discovered bacteria which is described bacteria which is described as animalcules in a letter to the royal soiciety in 1673.
4.1.2 it took 40 years till his ideas were accepted and they were relucant to new ideas also they were on philosophy
5 discoveries
5.1 veins carry blood rather than a mixture of blood and air. also blood has to go through vessels. also blood is not constantly manufactured by the liver and is not used up as it moves around but it actually circulatred the body.
6 progress
6.1 the microscope was invented universites and medical schools were founded in the 12th century. also new plants were discovered when new lands were explored. The authority of the catholic church decreased. The mechanical pump was invented the printing press was invented.
7 holding back developments
7.1 many people were reluctant to change the way they did things.
7.1.1 many people believed that their lives were affected by supernatural events.some herbal rems worked most minor illnessess and injuries were treated by the women in the family.
7.1.2 the church discouraged dissection herbal remedies were passed down from one generation to the next. some people felt better after being bled few people could afford to go to a trained physcain. the works of galen were used as the basis for all meditarin the church controlled education and med training.
8 women in the renaissance
8.1 forceps
8.1.1 1680 peter chamberlen invented obsteric forceps used in the delivery of babies. forceps is a doctor could face a baby.
8.1.2 anne saint took on an apprentice called mary webb rreveloution fashoin it became fashionable to have a highly educated doctor fashoinable people were only intrested in doctors who had the right medical treatment.
8.2 education
8.2.1 girls were now expected to learn how to treat illnesess books were written for women ladies treated people from the village. they were also expected to treat their servants and local farms. they trained by reading and copying.

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