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Question Answer
Leucoplasts White/clear in appearance. Holds starch
Chromoplasts Only found in plant cells. Holds all colours apart from green (it is held by the chloroplasts)
Prokaryote Small with no defined nucleus. No membrane bound organelles. Linear chromosomes. e.g. bacteria cells
Eukaryote Big with a clearly defined nucleus. Membrane bound organelles. e.g. animal cells
Nucleus The control centre of the cell. Contains DNA and RNA. Contained in the nuclear envelope. Found in EUKARYOTES (prokaryotes have a nuclear region)
Ribosomes Found in Cytosol and nucleolus. Creates Proteins.
Nucleolus Found in Nucleus. Contains Ribosomes and RNA (the DNA of how to create proteins)
Nuclear envelope Envelopes the nucleus
Nuclear Pores Small holes in the nuclear envelope that allow certain substances to pass in and out of the nucleus
Mitochondria Creates the energy for the cell. Is the site of cellular respiration and created ATP (energy) from nutrients.
Chloroplasts Creates the energy for the cell. Is the site of cellular respiration and created ATP (energy) from nutrients.
Cytosol Fluid component of the cell that holds within it the organelles
Cytoplasm Made up of the contents of the cell (but the nucleus?)
Tonoplast Envelopes the Vacuole
Vacuole Plants - Large and permanent. Helps support cell's structure. Animals - Small and temporary. Contains Nutrients for the cell
Golgi Complex Flat membranous sacs that are where proteins are synthesized and then packaged, into vesicles, to be secreted out of the cells.
Plasma Membrane A phospholipid Bi-layer (hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails) that envelopes the cell. Has carbohydrates and proteins embedded in it to assist in the selective transfer of substances in and out of the cell
Cell wall Rigid cellulose structure that is outside the plasma membrane in Plant cells. Prevents cell expansion.
Endoplasmic Reticulum A network of membranous channels that act as pathways - links cell membrane with other organells. RER (embedded with ribosomes) and the SER (no ribosomes)
Centrioles A pair of protein filament structures involved in the separation of chromosomes during cell division
Lysosomes Vesicles that contain powerful enzymes which break down foreign material and excess substances