Gen. Lec. Notes 10/25 (Chapter 11; Eukaryotes)

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Second half of semester; Eukaryotic DNA replication; chapter 11

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Question Answer
DNA of eukar. has many ___ __ _____, whichs helps to... Origins of replication; make replication go faster
The (3) types of polymerase alpha, epsilon, delta
This polymerase makes this kind of hybrid? alpha; DNA/RNA
This polymerase makes the daughter strand for the lagging strand of ____ Delta; DNA
This polymerase makes leading strand for___ ε; DNA
What polymerase can switch to δ or ε polymerase? alpha
How does polymerase ε begin it's job? After polym. alpha makes the RNA primer for it.
RNA primer can be used for what later? making edits
Telomeres are problematic since they are @___ of DNA + there are ___ after ___ _____ are taken off. end; gaps; RNA primer
What enzym. makes repairs + edits @ the end of strands of ___? telomerase; DNA
Telomerase are made of what + bring their own what? protein + RNA; template
Telomerase do what @ the same time? Fill gaps + proofreads what they make
Telomeres help ___ _____ to do what? DNA polymerase to finish making the daughter strand.