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Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) interstinal metaplasia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) helicobacter pylori infection
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) inflammation
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) inflammation
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) inflammation
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) acute pneumonia, (hyperemia, hemosiderin-laden macrophages?)
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) acute pneumonia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) acute pneumonia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) fungal cerebral abscess
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) cerebral fungal abscess
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) fungal cerebral abscess
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) stetanosis, necrotizing granuloma
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) stetanosis, necrotizing granuloma
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) stetanosis, necrotizing granuloma
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 29 Um 17.41.00 (binary/octet-stream) necrotzing granuloma, caused by TB
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) Hyperplasia, increased number of epithelial cells, (breast),
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) hyperplasia, increased number of epithelial cells, (prostate)
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) kidney normal
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) not normal kidney, not so regular proliferation
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 30 Um 15.26.04 (binary/octet-stream) lt: normal thyroid gland, rt: hyperplasia/hypertrophy of graves
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) hypertrophy of heart
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 30 Um 15.29.10 (binary/octet-stream) neuropathic atrophy
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) hypertrophy of skeletal tissue
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) squamous metaplasia of respiratory epithelium
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) metaplasia, esophagus
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) fibrous tissue, osteoblasts in pink
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) dysplasia, normal lt, increased intensity on rt
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) dysplasia, basal layer, increased nuclei
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) dysplasia, lt normal, abnormal nuclei in upper layer
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) dysplasia, upper layer
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) nuclei are not in basal layer, became stratified, polymorphism, hyper chromatic, mitosis
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) lt: normal, rt: abnormal, squamous stratified epithelium
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) enlarged number of cells, layers are not distinctive from each other
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) transition to stratified epithelium, no keratinization, mitosis, invasion through basal membrane
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) high grade dysplasia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) columnar cells, nuclei are stratified
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) only in basal layer
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 30 Um 15.47.48 (binary/octet-stream) transition, other something abnormal
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) dysplasia?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) dysplasia ?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) very stratified, mitosis, atypical
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) stratified columnar epithelium, mitosis near lumen, hyper chromatic
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) gastroesophageal junction (barret´s esophagus)
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) lamina propria infiltrate with MMN, PMN, glandular epithelium with goblet cells (barred´s esophagus)
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) barret´s esophagus
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 30 Um 15.57.57 (binary/octet-stream) 1. reflux esophagitis, 2. intestinal metaplasia type III, 3. dysplasia, 4. adenocarnimona
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) dense arrangement of glands lined by a double layered epithelium, prostatic hyperplasia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) hyperplastic glands with intraluminal papillary formations, prostatic hyperplasia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) basal aller hyplerplasia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) chronic gastritis
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) goblet cells in epithelium, chronic gastritis
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ABPAS, chronic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) metaplasia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) squamous cell metaplasia endocervical glands
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrial hyperplasia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrium with distorted, irregular and mystically dilated glands (endometrial hyperplasia)
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) dilated glands separated by stroma (endometrial hyperplasia)
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) glandular lining reminiscent of proliferative endometrial gland lining (endometrial hyperplasia)
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ?
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.15.24 (binary/octet-stream) differentiation and anaplasia
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) different sized and shaped - variation, hyper chromatic nuclei visible
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) ?
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) chromatin, clump, melanoma
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) cytologic atypia, inclusions
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) two different sizes of nuclei
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) dots in nuclei - malignant
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) mitosis, increased mitotic cells
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) mitotic cells: atypical mitotic figures
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) mitotic cells: atypical mitotic figures
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) leiomyoma
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) normal endometrium
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) normal endometrium
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrioid adenocarcinoma: well differentiated G1
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrioid adenocarninoma: moderately differentiated G2
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrioid adenocarcinoma: poorly differentiated G3
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.25.43 (binary/octet-stream) papillary urothelial (transitional cell) carcinoma
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.27.58 (binary/octet-stream) Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.27.50 (binary/octet-stream)
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.28.06 (binary/octet-stream) Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.28.50 (binary/octet-stream)
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.28.44 (binary/octet-stream) patterns
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) normal colonic mucosa
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.30.39 (binary/octet-stream) first recognizable manifestation of epithelial alteration (colorectal tumor)
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.31.54 (binary/octet-stream) adenoma, several layers of abnormal cells form on lamina proproa
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.32.52 (binary/octet-stream) invasive carcinoma
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) metastatis, malignant adenocarcinomas
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.33.35 (binary/octet-stream) a. normal, b. metaplasia -> squamous, c. dysplasia -> due to accumulation, d. dysplasia -> further maturation, e. full thickness reached, f. invasion
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) infiltrative growth: at wall of colon
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) lymphovascular invasion, can spread into lymph system
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) cytological atypia, increase nuclear size, involves full thickness of epithelium,
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) infiltrative arrangement of tubular/glandular structures, adenocarcinoma, anaplasia -> increased nuclear size, prominent nucleoli, slight variation in nuclear size and shape (prostate)
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) tubular/glandular structures state 3 gleans
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) cribriform structure, state 4 gleason
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) invasion into surrounding tissue, in prostate, extraprostatic extension
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) perineurial spread/invasion, growth/malignant behavior
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrioid adencarcinoma, fragments are densely packed, glandular cribriform structures
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrioid adenocarcinoma, tubular/glandular with single lumen
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrioid adenocarcinoma, cribriform - one complex- multiple lumina
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) heterogeneity
Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 Um 12.49.13 (binary/octet-stream) endometrioid adenocarcinoma
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrioid adenocarcinoma structures
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) endometrioid adenocarcinoma structures solid sheets - areas of cohesively growing tumor cells
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) infiltrative growth
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) retroperitoneal tumor 1, polymorphism
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) retroperitoneal tumor 2, well differentiated area, not that pronounced polymorphism
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) squamous cell carcinoma in situ, polymorphism, enlarged nuclei, multiple figures, loss of maturation, thickening of epithelium, changed throughout thickness of epithelium
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) infiltrative growth
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) architectural details, trabecular structures-thick (few cells in thickness) tumor cells strands
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) palisading-perpendicular arrangement of cells at the periphery of tumor complex, typical for basal cell carcinoma
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) benign papillary tumors in the urinary bladder are rare
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) minimal variation in nuclear size, minimal distortion of polarity
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) kidney, clear cell renal cell carcinoma, most common malignant tumor in kidney with copious clear cytoplasm
Unbenannt (binary/octet-stream) kidney, oncocytoma, most common benign tumor of the kidney, cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm
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