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What are the main rocks in construction? Aluminium and iron-ores Brick-clay Glass-sand Cement and concrete-limestone Granite, limestone and marble-mined or quarried
What type of rock is limestone ? Sedimentary
Is limestone soft or hard? soft
What type of rock is marble? Metamorphic
Is marble harder or softer than limestone? Harder
How is granite formed? Magma cools and solidifies. It is an igneous rock with interlocking crystals making it hard.
How does calcium carbonate break down? Thermal decomposition when heated.
What is the equation for thermal decomposition of caco3.? calcium carbonate--> calcium oxide +carbon dioxide CaCO3 --> CaO + CO2
How is cement made? Limestone is heated with clay.
How is concrete made? Mixing cement, sand and small stones with water.
Reinforced concrete is a ... ... composite material.(steel rods or meshes)
Concrete is strong... ...under compression
Concrete is weak... ...under tension.
How is this problems overcome? Reinforced concrete. It is harder and more flexible.