Unit 4 : Genetics | Chromosomes & The Mechanism Of Inheritance

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Question Answer
Test Cross Testing a suspected heterozygote by crossing it with a known homozygous recessive.
Codominant Allele Pairs of alleles that both affect the phenotype when present in a heterozygote.
Carrier An individual with a recessive allele of a gene that does not affect their phenotype.
Gene The basic unit of inheritance by which inherited characteristics are passed from parent to offspring, consisting of a length of DNA on a chromosome.
Allele One alternative form of a gene, occupying a specific position (locus) on a chromosome.
Loci The positions along chromosomes where genes occur, so alleles of the same gene occupy the same locus.
Genotype The genetic constitution of an organism.
Phenotype The characteristics displayed by an organism; the way in which genotype is expressed (appearance of an organism).
Dominant Allele An allele that affects the phenotype of an organism, whether present in heterozygous or homozygous condition.
Recessive Allele An allele that affects the phenotype of an organism only when the dominant allele is absent (homozygous condition).
Homozygous A diploid organism that has inherited the same allele from both parents.
Heterozygous A diploid organism that has inherited different alleles from each parent.