Chapter 21 - Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Year 11 ATAR Human Biology Chapter 21 - Sexually Transmitted Infections (unit 2)

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What is an STI? An infection that is transmitted by close body contact usually with genital organs
What are the 4 factors that cause STI's? 1. Viruses 2. Bacteria 3. Fungi 4. Parasites
What is chlamydia? What are the symptoms and how is it treated? Chlamydia is an STI transmitted through vaginal/anal sex with an infected person and is caused by a BACTERIA. In women, there may be no symptoms & it is treated with antibiotics
What are genital herpes and how are they treated? Genital herpes result in blisters in the genitalia and is transmitted by skin contact. It is caused by a VIRUS and is treated using antivirals
What are genital warts and how are they treated? Much like genital herpes, genital warts are caused by a VIRUS, Human Papillomavirus (HPV). They result in flat/raised/cauliflower like growths in the genitalia region. Treated with antivirals
What is HIV and what are the treatments for it? HIV weakens the immune system making the infected person susceptible to any infection. It is caused by the sharing of bodily fluids. There is no cure but antivirals are used for treatment. Symptoms occur in most regions of the body
What are public lice and what is the treatment for them? Caused by a parasite, results in icthing in genital areas, those with more body hair may find them on their chest and armpits. Treated by lotion that kills the insects/mites and their eggs
What is gonorrhoea and it's treatment? Gonorrhoea is a bacterium and it results in little symptoms in females, but in males it causes inflammation of the urethra, resulting in a burning feeling and pain while peeing. Treated by antibiotics - however the disease can become resistant
What is syphilis & it's stages? How is it treated? Syphilis is caused by a bacterium & has 4 stages: 1. Primary: Small sores 'chanres' appear 2. Secondary: Skin rashes, fever (last2years) 3. Latent: Symptoms hidden 4. Tertiary: Heart disease, insanity, blindness Treatment is antibiotics
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