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Question Answer
What does FSH, LH and Oestrogen do? FSH made in the pituitary gland. This causes the egg to mature. Oestrogen made in the ovaries. This inhibits the production of FSH and stimulates LH. LH made in the pituitary gland. Releases the mature egg.
Why do apples that have been planted, taste different to their originals? (Remember certain plants use sexual, and some asexual.) This is due to pollination. Seeds produced by sexual repro. Mixture of genes because of this.
How can plants be cloned? Using Cuttings/Tissue Culture
What are the affects of Malnutrition? Weight Loss Irregular Period Reduced resistance to infection Tiredness/weakness Deficiency Diseases
Why have the lion-fish increased in their new environment? There are no/few predators Predictors/Prey do not recognise lion fish. Less Competition
What does it mean if you are malnourished? You don't have a balanced diet.
When the plant tipped on its side, the auxin in the plan is "..." which is why it bends upward. Redistributed
The unbalanced amount of auxin in the plant causes the stem to... Grow Upwards
Explain one way in which goosegrass is adapted to live alongside hedges. long stems therefore the plant is a better competitor for light or therefore the plant grows higher than other plants to gain light or wide spread roots (1) therefore the plant is a better competitor for water or therefore the plant is able to collect water from a larger area (1)
Why are viruses so hard to treat? Because they live inside cells.
A vaccine contains a ... form of the virus. Inactive (dead or weekend may also be accepted.)
What do you do when analysing data trends? For Example: Use the data in the graph support the view that there is no link between MMR vaccination and autism. 1. Compare the 2 2. Give Statistics (Figures) 3. Brief Conclusion
What ways do different species loose their energy from? 1. Respiration releases energy/ Energy from respiration is transferred by heating the surroundings. 2. Some energy lost in animals / named animals waste materials 3. Some energy used in maintenance / repair. 4. Some energy used for movement 5.Energy lost as heat to surroundings 6. Some organisms die
Why is it good to keep animals disease free? 1.It is good for the economy (farming industry.) 2. Healthy animals use less energy than unhealthy ones.
Why sometimes is it better for data to be displayed as a Bar Chart than a Line Graph? (Reference to Q 1. There is inefficient data for a line graph.
What happens in a reflex reaction. (Using a Hot Pan) 1. Someone touches the hot pan (The Stimulus.) 2. The receptor cells in the skin pick the signal up. 3. A electrical impulse is sent down the sensory neuron and into the central nervous system. 4. The impulse then has to cross a synapse, it does this by turning into a chemical and diffusing across it. 5. The impulse then crosses another synapse to the reflex neuron. 6. The signal then travels to the effector muscle, which contracts and causes the hand to lift up immediately, before the brain even doing anything.
The fusion of the body cell from the male sheep and the egg from the female sheep is an example of asexual reproduction. Explain why 1. There was no mixing of genes / genetic material 2. Because the nucleus was removed from the egg cell before fusion
Why was Darwin's Theory not widely accepted? 1. There was strong religious belief at the time, and this went against the fact that God created the world. 2. There was not sufficient evidence at that time.
Explain Natural Selection 1. Organisms within species may show variation. 2. Because mutation(s) occur in individuals 3. This results in the individuals with characteristics most suited to the environment being more likely to survive / to breed. 4. As a consequence the genes that have enabled these individuals to survive are passed on to the next generation.