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Omnipotent all powerful
Omniscient All knowing/ all seeing
Omnipresent is everywhere
Omnibenevolent All caring/ all loving
Free will The ability to make moral choices (given to humans by God according to Christians)
The fall The name given to the account of Adam and Eve's sin and its consequences (Genesis 2-3)
Original Sin The mistake (sin) made by Adam and Eve that first bring evil and suffering into Creation
Redemption The forgiveness of sin offered to all humans by Jesus/ the promise of reconcilliation with God
Natural Evil Suffering resulting from natural events (e.g tsunamis, earthquakes, e.t.c)
Moral Evil Suffering resulting from humans actions (e.g bullying, murder)
Theodicy Religious attempts to answer or explain the problem of evil
Suffering The experience of pain and distress (physical- e.g broken ankle or psychological- e.g bereavement)
Conscience The 'internal' voice helping us decide between right and wrong/ 'God given' according to Christians/ the source of our feeling guilt
Humanism The belief that humans, not god, determine what is right and wrong (a secular-non religious-view)
Good What is morally right/ which enables humans to flourish in accordance with god's will/what helps outhers
Evil What is morally wrong/ what causes suffering/ what prevents flourishing in accordance with with god's will
The Devil (Satan) Symbol of evil in the Christian tradition/ fallen angel (Lucifer)/ enemy of God
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