Christians dealing with suffering


Religion (A- Good and Evil) Mind Map on Christians dealing with suffering, created by Tabs Churchill on 12/20/2013.
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Tabs Churchill
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Christians dealing with suffering
    1. Suffering provides opportunities for people to do good
      1. promotes human kindness
        1. Jesus helped those who suffered e.g lepers
          1. Without suffering people couldn't choose to help those less fortunate
        2. ACCEPTANCE
          1. The example of Jesus on the cross
            1. Like Jesus accept their pain and offer it to god.
          2. HOPE
            1. A belief in the future where the will be no pain
              1. heaven
                1. centrel message of christianity
                  1. through the death of Jesus; pain and suffering will be overcome
                2. Hope through prayer
                  1. God provides healing
                    1. Jesus provided healing to those praying around him
                      1. Faith healing
                        1. Spiritually healed
                  2. FAITH
                    1. Everything happens as part of God's divine purpouse
                      1. Story of JOB
                        1. Job suffered as a test of his faith but God was always looking after him
                          1. 1/ suffering is a test
                            1. 2/ suffering is a punishment for sin
                              1. what Job's friends beleived
                              2. 3/suffering is part of God's greater plan, which is beyond human understanding
                            2. everyone has a purpouse
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