Female Menstrual Cycle and Hormones

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Question Answer
The menstrual Cycle has ____ stages four
What happens in stage 1? the bleeding starts, the uterus breaks down for about 4 days
What happens in stage 2? The lining of the womb builds up again from day 4-14 into a thick layer of blood vessels ready to receive a fertilised egg.
what happens in stage 3? An egg is developed then released from the ovary at day 14
What happens at stage 4? The wall is then maintained for about 14 days until day 28. If no fertilised egg has landed on the uterus wall by day 28, the lining starts to break down again as the whole cycle starts over.
What does FSH do? causes an egg produce follicles and stimulates them to produce oestrogen
What does Oestrogen do? Thickens wall of the womb, when the levels increase this causes LH to be released
What does LH do? Stimulate the release of an egg at around the middle of a menstrual cycle
What happens to the body temperature when LH increases? the body temperature also increases
Which hormone is used in oral contraceptive and why? Oestrogen. If it is taken everyday to keep the level of it permanently high, it inhibits the production of FSH and after a while egg production will stop
Which hormone is used in Fertility Treatment and why? FSH. It stimulates the ovaries to produce the Oestrogen which then stimlates egg production in the ovaries