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iconology greek, "the writing of images." The term refers both to the content, or subject, of an artwork and to the study of content in art. It also includes the study o the symbolic, often religious, meaning of objects, persons, or events depicted in works of art.
lancet In Gothic architecture, a tall narrow window ending in a pointed arch.
trefoil a triple-lobed arch (multi-lobed arches could be found in Islamic architecture)
triforium In Gothic architecture, the blind arcaded gallery below the clerestory; occasionally the arcades are filled with stained glass
squinch an architectural device used as a transition from a square to a polygonal or circular base for a dome. It may be composed of lintels, corbels, or arches
pendentive a concave, triangular section of a hemisphere, four of which provide the transition from a square area to the circular base of a covering dome. although pendentives appear to be hanging (pendant) from the dome, they in fact support it
chi rho Christogram–the monogram comprising the three initial letters of Christ's name in Greek: chi-rho-iota (Early Medieval Europe, Book of Kells)
Pantocrator Greek "ruler of all." Christ as ruler and judge (Byzantine art: Dome Mosaic in the Church of the Formation, Daphni, Greece)
Iconoclasm The destruction of religious or sacred images. In Byzantium, the period from 726-843 when there was an imperial ban on such images. The destroyers of images were known as iconoclasts. Those who opposed such a ban were known as iconophiles.
triptych a three-paneled painting, ivory plaque, or altarpiece. Also a small, portable shrine with hinged wings used for private devotion. (Byzantium Harbaville Triptych, and Gothic Klosterneuburg Altar Nicholas of Verdun)
quatrefoil a shape or plan in which the parts assume the form of a cloverleaf (this is chapter 14 which we didn't do?)
archivolt The continuous molding framing an arch. In romanesque and gothic architecture, one of the series of concentric bands framing the tympanum.
coffered A sunken panel, often ornamental, in a vault or a ceiling (Rome, Pantheon)
facade Usually the front of a building; also the other sides when they are emphasized architecturally
isocephaly having the heads of the figures in a composition brought to the same level —used especially of a bas-relief
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