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What is an Input Device? An input device is a device that loads info onto another device eg a mouse
What is an output device? An output device is a device where data exits a source e.g. Printer
What is a storage device? A storage device is a device that stores data or info from the computer e.g. A USB stick
What is the purpose of Input and Output devices? The purposes of Input and Output devices is to transfer info from the input (A mouse clicks download=Input.) to the output (The download shows on the monitor=Output)
What is the purpose of a power supply? The purpose of a power supply is to support the computer with electricity, pumping it around the computer.
What is the purpose of the computer case? The purpose of a computer case is to hold all of the insides in the computer together, and it means that plug sources can be used.
What is the purpose of the motherboard? The purpose of the motherboard is to send messages around the computer telling different messages to the different parts of the computer.l
What is the purpose of the Processor? The processor is the part of the computer where all of the processes like downloading a document take place.
What is the purpose of the RAM? RAM (Random access memory) is where all of the data from the current task that is being preformed is stored.
What is the purpose of ROM? It stores a program used to boot up the computer. This is called the bootstrap loader.
What is the purpose of the Hard Drive? The purpose of the hard drive is to store all of the long term memory from past tasks is stored.
What is a repetitive strain injury (RTI) and what causes them? RSI is an injury caused by the action of typing for too long which occurs in the fingers and wrists because of too little movement.
What is the cause of back injuries when using a computer? The cause of back problems when using a computer is usually due to a poor posture or an awkward position when using a computer.
What is eye strain and what is the cause? The cause of eye strain is when you stare at a computer for too long , particularity with poor lighting.
By law, what do employers have to provide for their employees? (in regards to working with computers) Employers have to provide til table screens, anti - glare filters, adjustable chairs , spacious workstations, and regular breaks.
What is the purpose of Binary? The purpose of binary is where we can convert an 8 bit value, and it can convert letters into numbers so the computer has more storage.
How many bits are in a Binary number? There are 8 bits in a binary.
How do you convert Binary to Denary? You convert it by putting it into a 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 ect chart, and certain numbers along the bottom will say miscellany libe 110100. The one means that the numbers above it have to be added together.
How do you convert Denary to Binary? You convert by putting it into a 1, 2, 4, 16 chart, and add all of your numbers up according to the chart, and put a one under the numbers which you add up.
What 4 devices are needed to connect to the internet? The 4 requirements needed to connect to the internet are: A telephone line Router ISP Google, Bing, ect
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