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Spa Massage $102/ 50 Minute - $148/80 minute This is a swedish-based massage that uses long flowing, relaxing massage strokes in tandem with some vigorous yet soothing techniques to help relieve tension and stimulate circulation. Designed to alleviate any muscle soreness, reduce stress, and help your persisting aches and pains.
Rock Relief 80 min - $ 175 Relaxing, hot stone massage. With deep, radiating heat and polished steaming river rocks placed strategically on your body, while also being used as an extension of your massage therapists’ hands during treatment, you will feel your circulation improve, and your mind and body release during this spiritual and relaxing treatment.
Deep Tissue Massage 50 min - $ 105 / 80 min - $ 155 Designed to release physical and emotional toxins, this customized massage focuses on muscle and tissue layers, from the superficial to the deepest. Feel your tension release, with slower, more concentrated deep tissue massage techniques that increase circulation and improve your range of motion.
Coconut Oil Massage with Dry Brushing 50 min - $ 115 / 80 min - $ 165 a relaxing experience and incredible health benefits. Your treatment begins with the ancient practice of dry brushing from head to toe, which helps exfoliate your skin and clean your pores. Once the dry brushing is complete, your massage therapist will begin your full body massage with the nutrient-rich and soothing coconut oil. All guests receiving this treatment will also go home with complimentary dry brush they can use at home to keep the health benefits coming.
Tension Relief Massage 50 min - $ 125 / 80 min - $ 175 Designed specifically for those who sit at a desk all day, this treatment is devoted to releasing tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. Through stretching, massage techniques, and tools, this treatment will leave your arms, hands, wrists, and larger upper body muscles relaxed and rejuvenated.
Himalayan Salt Massage 80 min - $ 225 for those who: are looking for a deeper sense of relaxation, grounding and balancing using a combination of hands on technique and warm Himalayan salt crystals to melt away muscle tension and improve your overall sense of well being. benefits: Himalayan Salt alkalizes the skin, replenishes and nourishes your skin and body with 84 minerals, lightly exfoliates the skin, is highly relaxing, and balances and neutralizes the ill effects of the toxic frequencies we live with every day. Negative ions are produced when the salt stones are heated creating a sense of peace and deeper sense of relaxation. The heat of the salt melts restrictive fascia to go deeper into the muscles and loosens the joints. Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and glowing. The salt stones moisturize and plump up the superficial layers of the skin. On a spiritual level can ground and balance. Helps clear your prana and energy. results: gently soothes away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants. Brings the mind, body and spirit into balance.
Cupping Massage Treatment 0 min - $ 115 / 80 min - $ 165 If you are looking for something to help relieve tension on a deeper level, this treatment is perfect on its own or in tandem with a deep tissue massage. An alternative therapy that originates from ancient Chinese healing practices, this treatment involves the skin being gently suctioned upwards in a cup, through a hand held pump. During this treatment, therapists may apply either stationary or gliding cups. When using gliding cups, a skilled therapist applies the cup to suction to the skin, then they move it along the length of the muscle, release the suction, and finally incorporate a massage that is customized to your needs. This process, incorporating massage and cupping, approaches tension in two different ways, through downward pressure (the massage) and upward suction (cupping). Please note that cupping therapy may leave temporary marks in areas where the cups are applied. If you are interested in sampling this alternative healing technique, we welcome you to add the Cupping Enhancement to any of our other massage treatments.
Cold Combat Massage 50 min - $ 115 / 80 min - $ 165 If you need a little extra protection against summer or winter cold viruses, try our Cold Combat Massage. It begins with a systematic full-body massage that utilizes eucalyptus aromatherapy to purify and help give your body and mind a boost. Warm eucalyptus towels are placed on your chest and face to help open up your sinuses and air passageways, leaving you feeling awake, rejuvenated, and relaxed. Once the massage is complete, you can enjoy a tea anti-oxidant beverage.
Satin Body Treatment 50 min - $ 145 A thorough body exfoliation is a wonderful way to rid the skin of dead dry cells. Doing so helps the skin absorb nutrients more efficiently and creates a smooth, glowing appearance. After the skin is deeply cleansed and revitalized with marine salt crystals and algae oils, a final application of quenching moisturizers will leave your body radiant and tingling with renewed life. for those who: desire supremely soft skin benefits: nourishes skin, improves elasticity, and combats sagginess results: soft, firm, healthy looking skin
Head-to-Toe Face and body Ritual 120 min - $ 265 It begins with a full-body exfoliation, which prepares your skin to soak up the benefits of the mineral-rich warm body masque. From there, you can enjoy the peaceful, cocooning sensation as you are wrapped in the masque and given a facial designed specifically for your skin, by your esthetician. It is a true total body experience.
Provence Soothe and Scrub Massage 80 min - $ 175 Highlighting Mediterranean shore influences, this exclusive treatment is for those who are looking for the ultimate relaxation experience. In this treatment, your therapist will use a detoxifying sea salt scrub infused in lavender buds to thoroughly polish your skin and calm your spirit. Next, you can bask in a full body application of our intensely hydrating treatment applied via a Swedish-based massage with long, fluid strokes, dedicated to ease muscle tension and encourage relaxation.
Advanced Muscular Therapy Series 75 min (first appointment) - $ 175 / 75 min - $ 155 / 45 min - $ 110 **ONLY DONE BY SARAHKATE** If you are looking to dramatically improve your posture, this massage series is the perfect solution. Whether you wish to alleviate pain and/or tension patterns created due to an old injury/current posture, or you simply want to have better posture, these targeted treatments will make a noticeable difference. During your first appointment you will have a comprehensive postural assessment to determine your body’s base reading. Following your evaluation, you are treated to a hands-on bodywork session, delivered by a specialized muscular bodywork therapist, which helps determine the focus of the following sessions. Then we come up with a treatment plan based on your individual needs and goals. We recommend booking this treatment in a series. Buy 5 and get your 6th free.
Reiki Session 25 min - $ 50 / 50 min - $ 90 **ONLY DONE BY MOLLY** One of our more holistic treatments, our Reiki massage is an in-depth exploration of “chi” or “energy flow” centers. Deeply meditative, this treatment can be done either “hands on” or through “hovered hands,” as your therapist works on your body’s energetic flow. Through a technique rooted in ancient holistic energy work, this experience is designed to help you find inner balance, improve your emotional and physical well-being, and promote an overall healthier energetic flow. for those who: are seeking a more holistic and energy-based massage experience benefits: helps you find inner balance, improves your emotional and physical well-being results: a mind and body in perfect harmony
Reflexology 25 min - $ 50 / 50 min - $ 90 **ONLY DONE BY MOLLY** Reflexology therapy is focused on systematic relaxation and helps to release congestion and tension throughout the entire body. Using your feet as a map to correspond to specific organs, bones, and body systems, foot reflexology and manual manipulation of pressure points releases tension and congestion from all areas of the body, and can even promote optimal organ function. Through strategic and pinpointed techniques, this treatment can release everyday stresses and create balance and harmony in your mind and body. for those who: would like to relieve stress and feel an overall sense of relaxation, all throughout the map of your feet benefits: releases everyday stresses, promotes optimal organ and body system function, and creates harmony with your mind and body results: a more balanced and relaxed mind and body
Bump Alert (Prenatal Massage) 50 min - $ 120 / 80 min - $ 165 Our Bump Alert massage was designed specifically for women who are experiencing some of the typical discomforts associated with pregnancy. This treatment uses gentle massage techniques and specially designed pregnancy products to strengthen skin, assist in releasing lower back pain, reduce water retention, and increase circulation. It is a beneficial and nurturing treatment for both you and your baby. *Please make sure to let us know if you are using any prescribed skincare products or if you are taking any medications. for those who: are pregnant benefits: relieves the typical discomforts associated with pregnancy, nurtures mother and baby results: reduced pain and muscle tensions, reduced water retention, and increased circulation
Massage Enhancements AGAVE NECTAR HOT OIL SCALP TREATMENT - $ 15 - Hot oil MASSAGE ENHANCEMENT: CUPPING - $ 25 MASSAGE ENHANCEMENT: DRY BRUSHING - $ 10 MASSAGE ENHANCEMENT: FOOT REVIVAL Add-On Service - $ 20 COmplete exfoliation of lower legs and feet MASSAGE ENHANCEMENT: HOT STONES Add-On Service - $ 15
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