Management of natural resources


Management of natural resources for grade 10 cbse.
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Problems arising from over-exploitation: >Water: Depletion of groundwater, diseases, water pollution. >Wildlife: Extinction and endangering of animals and birds. >Forests: Deforestation, climate change, depletion of ozone, global warming, etc. >Petroleum: Depletion of resources of hydrocarbons, global warming and pollution. >Coal: Air pollution, global warming, depletion of coal resources.
*KYOTO Protocol: It suggests that all countries should cut down greenhouse emissions by 5 percent by 1990. *Rio Earth Summit: It made agendas for sustainable development, It kept a check on the production of toxic materials, etc. *PETA: This organization works to protect animals and protests against cruelty. *Greenpeace: Protests against us nuclear testing in Alaska, also protests against whaling, bottom traveling, deforestation, global warming, etc. *Ganga action plan: It aims to improve quality of water by decreasing pollution. It is a multi-crore project.
*Stakeholders: People who have direct or indirect interest in forests. *Conservation of forests: >Replenish trees that have been cut down. >Controlling the health, environment, and growth for the betterment of the environment. (Silviculture) >Stop deforestation. >Consumption of wood should be discouraged. >Society forestry programmes should be held. >Agroforestry should be encouraged. *Amrita Devi Bishnoi award for wildlife conservation. She belonged to the Khejrali village and made a group of 363 people in 1731 who sacrificed their lives for the protection of khejri trees. * Chipko Movement.(Sunderlal Bahuguna) *Arabari forest range.(A.K. Bannerjee)
Water conservation *Rainwater harvesting: It can be done by making ferrocement tanks, capturing runoff water from roofs and from local catchments, etc. *Dams: These can be used to store water for purposes including irrigation. Canal systems can be made from the dams.
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