Clinical signs in respiratory disease


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What is Hypoxaemia? Low concentration of oxygen in the blood
What is stridor? High-pitched wheezing caused by disrupted airflow
What is orthopnoea Shortness of breath when lying down
What is Cachexia? Significant weight loss and deterioration
What is anaemia? Lack of RBCs or lack of Haemoglobin in the blood
What is cyanosis? Blue discolouration of the skin due to superficial tissues having low O2 saturation
What is secondary polycythaemia? Increase in the production of red blood cells?
What is a CO2 Flap? 'Flapping' of the hands when the wrists are extended
What is Hypercapnic encephalopathy? Brain damage due to excess CO2 in the blood
What is Erythema nodosum? Red rounded lumps just below the skin surface
What is lupus pernio? Chronic raised lesion of the skin usually purple or red in colour
What is finger clubbing? Increased curvature and loss of nail bed angle
What is a bronchial carcinoma? Malignant neoplasm of the lung from the epithelium of the bronchus
What is fibrosing alveolitis? Thickening of the walls of the alveoli?
What is lung suppuration? Pus formation in the lungs
What does cyanotic congenital heart disease cause? Low oxygen levels in the blood
What is ptosis? Droopy upper eyelid
What is Enophthalmos? Posterior displacement of the eyeball
What is Uveitis? Inflammation of the pigmented layer of the eye
What is Papilloedema? Optic disc swelling/dilated retinal veins
What is surgical emphysema? Air under the skin
What is Aegophony? Getting the patient to whisper '99' to exentuate a specific sound
What are three common signs of respiratory distress? Wheezing Stridor Orthopnoea
What three nutritional states can be contributing factors to respiratory disease? Obesity Cachexia Anaemia
What are the two types of cyanosis and where are these found? Peripheral - hands, feet or nose Central - tongue or lips
What is CO2 flap a sign of? Hypercapnic encephalopathy
What is finger clubbing a sign of? Bronchial Carcinoma Fibrosing Alveolitis Lung suppuration Cyanotic heart disease Malabsorption
What are the symptoms of Horner syndrome? Small pupils Ptosis Enophthalmos Unilateral loss of sweating
What are the six names of the lymph nodes? Supra-clavicular Cervical chain Submental Post-auricular Occipital
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