Respiratory System 1

Colleen Curley
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Bachelors Degree Human Structure and Function (Systematic body functions) Mind Map on Respiratory System 1, created by Colleen Curley on 04/19/2016.

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Respiratory System 1
  1. Function
    1. Supply Oxygen Remove carbon dioxide
      1. Gas exchange
        1. Protection from dehydration, temperature change and pathogens
          1. Production of sound
            1. Olfaction
            2. Respiratory system
              1. Conducting portion
                1. Nasal cavities
                  1. Nasopharynx
                    1. Larynx
                      1. Trachea
                        1. Bronchi
                          1. Bronchioles
                            1. Terminal bronchioles
                            2. Respiratory portion
                              1. Respiratory bronchioles
                                1. Alveolar ducts
                                  1. Alveolar sacs
                                    1. Alveoli
                                  2. Nasal Cavities and Conchae
                                    1. Divided medially by nasal septum -hyaline
                                      1. PSCC epithelium (roof lined with olfactory epithelium)
                                        1. Conchae - vascular bony shelves
                                          1. Filter warm and incoming air
                                          2. Nasopharynx
                                            1. PSCC
                                              1. Pharyngeal tonsil- adenoid (enlarged lymphatic tissue at back of nose and throat)
                                              2. Paranasal sinuses
                                                1. Open into nasal cavity to lighten the skull
                                                  1. Assist to moisten and warm air
                                                    1. Contain mucous cells which drain in nasal cavity
                                                      1. Frontal, ethmoidal, maxillary, sphenoidal
                                                      2. Larynx
                                                        1. Connects pharynx to trachea
                                                          1. PSCC (vocal cords and epiglottis are SSNK)
                                                            1. Phonation
                                                              1. Guard against entry of foreign bodies
                                                              2. Vocal cords
                                                                1. Glottis - space between
                                                                  1. Laryngeal muscles control length and size of muscles by moving arytenoid cartillages
                                                                    1. Sound produced by vibration as air exhaled
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