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ECOSYSTEM A physical environment with a particular set of conditions, plus all the orgainisms in it. Can be natural or artificial
NATURAL ECOSYSTEMS Have high biodiversity. Different types of plants and organisms coexist in the same environment. examples: lakes and natural woodland
ARTIFICIAL ECOSYSTEMS Are set up and maintained for a particular purpose so have low biodiversity. Weedkillers, Pesticides and fertilisers are used to prevent other plants and organisms growing alongside crops.
why do forestry plantations have low biodiversity comp to natural woodlands? -havent been estabilished for long.and result from interactions and relationships between organisms -because the few species introduced at the start may not survive.
Why do fish farms have low biodiversity in comp to lakes? -existed a shorter time -In the absence of predators, some fish species thrive while other don't. -Fewer diseases so results in too much of certain species.
Habitat Is part of a physical environment, where an animal or plant lives. An organisms adapts to it so are limited to only living there.
Community Total number of individuals from the different populations of plants and animals that live in a habitat at once.
Population Total no of individuals of the same species at one time.
why are ecosystems self supporting? provide their own mates , shelter but only rely on energy source, sun and producers at the bottom of the food chain.
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