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Lecture 1: Overview of microbial diversity

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3 major functions of cell membrane - permeability barrier, protein anchorage, energy conservation
3 types of transport - simple, group, ABC
type of transport w/c modifies the solute Group Transport
3 types of Simple Transport - Uniport, Antiport, Symport
energy source in Simple Transport pmf: proton motive force
energy source for Group Transport PEP : Posphoenolpyruvate
energy source for ABC Transport ATP : adenosine triphosphate
structures present in G+ which are absent in G- Teichoic & Lipoteichoic Acids
G- additional layer Outer membrane
Describe: G+ peptidoglycan layer thick
Describe: G+ periplasmic space thin
Describe: periplasmic layer of G- Thick
G + type of organization simple
G- type of organization complex
FtsZ:prokaryotes:: ____:eukaryotes tubulin
FtsZ protein cuases what shape? coccus
mreB:prokaryotes:: ____:eukaryotes actin
crescentin:prokaryotes:: ____:eukaryotes intermediate filaments
mreB protein causes what shape? bacillus
FtsZ protein causes what shape? spirillus
most common type of nutritional type chemoorganotrophic heterotrophy
3 categories for nutritional type - carbon source, energy source, reducing agents source
types of nutritional type according to carbon source: autotrophs, heterotrophs, myxotrophs
example of myxotrophs Euglena
2 types of nutritional type according to energy source: phototrophs, chemotrophs
2 types of nutritional type according to reducing agents source: lithotrophs, organtrophs
generation of ATP in the absence of oxygen Fermentation
type of pathway in FermentaTion which yield the ATP Substrate Phosphorylation
6 ways of regulating metabolism DNA-binding proteins, Feedback inhibitions, Allosteric inhibitions, Cooperativity, Enzyme modification, Enzyme inactivation
define: Growth addition in cell number ad cell size
Types of asexual reproduction Intracellular offspring production (binary fission & bipolar division), budding, baeocyte formation, arthrospore formation
define: LUCA Last Universal Common Ancestor
tRNA initiation for Bacteria formyl-methionine
tRNA initiator for eukaryotes methionine
tRNA initiator for eukaryotes methionine
type of ribosome in eukarya 80S
type of ribosome in bacteria 70S
type of ribosome in archaea 70S
unbranched fatty acids Bacteria
branched isoprene chains archaea
define: Inteins parts of proteins which can separate from an original protein then transfer to another protein
define: RNA World Hypothesis - RNA as the original genetic material, which was eventually replaced by DNA
3 types of mutations ( differentiate ) missense: A to B nonsense: A to stop codon silent: A to A
main component of bacterial flagella flagellin
main component of archaaeal flagella archaeallin
differentiate: bacterial vs archaeal flagella based on dierction of growth A: from the base B: from the tip
differentiate: bacterial vs archaeal flagella based on energy source A: ATP B: protons
4 types of eukaryotic flagella monotrichous, peritrichous, lophotrichous, amphitrichous
2 types of movement for flagella run (ccw), tumble (cw)
define: axoneme 9+2 arrangement of flagella
importance of DIPI Colinic Acid in Cell Differentiation binds with calcium to retain water
2 stages in Acanthamoeba trophozoite and cyst
3 stages in Naegleria trophozoite, cyst and flagellate
disease caused by Naegleria PAM: Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis
autoinducers in G- AHL: acylhomoserenes
autoinducers in G+ oligopeptides
structures which prevent Quorom sensing quenchers
4 nutritional types photolithotrophic autotrophy, photoorganotrophic heterotrophy, chemolithotrophic autotrophy, chemoorganotrophic heterotrophy
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