Bio 123 Lec: 1st exam

Nicole Bolo
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Plan of attack for 1st exam!

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Bio 123 Lec: 1st exam
1 Overview of Microbial Diversity
1.1 Properties of Cells
1.2 Prokaryotes vs Eukaryotes
1.3 Nutritional Types
2 Cell Structure and Function
2.1 Organelles
2.2 Microscopy
2.3 Cell membrane Functions
2.4 Importance of Size
2.5 Importance of Shape
3 Bacterial Transport Mechanism
3.1 Passive Transport
3.2 Active Transport
3.3 Group Translocation
3.4 ABC Transport
4 Prokaryotic Cell Wall
4.1 Peptidoglycan synthesis
4.2 Teichoic Acid synthesis
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