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How to find time with distance and velocity? Distances divide by velocity.
What is the conservation of energy law? Energy can neither be created or destroyed but it can be changed from one form to another (or passed between objects)
Why is energy important? It is required to make things happen.
What is a Joule? A unit of energy.
What is potential energy? Energy stored in a object due to its position.
What is heat energy? Energy that is possessed by all hot objects.
What is chemical potential energy? Energy held in bonds between atoms.
What is kinetic energy? Energy possessed by all moving objects.
What is a Watt? A unit of power.
What is electrical energy? Energy carried by moving charges
Gravitational potential energy? Energy possessed by all objects which are high up
What is elastic potential energy? Energy stored in squashed or stretched objects
What is nuclear potential energy? Energy stored in the nucleus of an object.
When would an object have more kinetic energy? When it increases speed
Why is heat energy a type of kinetic energy? Because it is due to the movement of particles, which speed up when an object is heated.
What is radiant energy? Energy carried by electromagnetic waves like light and xrays.
1 Kilo Joule is equal to... 1000 Joules
1 calorie is equal to... 4.2 kilo Joules
How to interpret constant speed? Equal distance in equal interval of time
How to interpret accelerating graph? Unequal distance in equal interval of time
Energy input=_____ energy+_______ energy Useful waste
How to find the energy efficiency of something? Useful energy output divide total energy input times 100 and answer is in %
How to find distance with speed and time? Speed multiply by time
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