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Using GoConqr to teach science
Sarah Egan
Acids and Bases
Sarah Egan
AQA Physics P1 Quiz
Bella Statham
Key Biology Definitions/Terms
Longevidad y Envejecimiento Fisiológico
Isaac Alexander
C6 Flash cards
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Biology Revision - Y10 Mock
Tom Mitchell
Physics Revision
Tom Mitchell
The Flowering Plant and Photosynthesis
Using GoConqr to study science
Sarah Egan
Question Answer
hazard_symbol_4.gif (image/gif) This symbol means Harmful
Whats is the formula for Hydrogen gas H2
Whats is the formula for Oxygen gas O2
What does synthesis mean Making something
Why would you dissolve something To form a solution
What is the purpose of crystallisation To get you product e.g a solid
What is the purpose titration To find out a unknown concentration of acid or allied
The periodic table is used to obtain the relative atomic mass of elements e.g Gold has a ram of 196.97
Whats is meant my Purity Make only / reduce only one substance
What is the meaning of reaction They are things that react