4 Main Types Of Evidence

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Physical Evidence - consists of physical objects
Expert Evidence Usually consists of the reports and testimony of experts asked to comment on some aspect of the case where specialized knowledge and interpretation of evidence is required
Documentary and Demonstrative Evidence - Any document, diagram, photograph, video, or audio recording - medical emergency admission reports and reports and emails - Demonstrative Evidence such as a diagram of the car show room and photographs taken of the car with the lights turned on and off - All of these documents are admissible Evidence - once the person who made the record must prove their authenticity
Testimonial Evidence - who the likely witnesses are and will interview any witness who is willing to talk - any bystanders who saw the accident - any witness interviewed should be asked to sign a statement setting out what they said in the interview - reference / notes used to refresh memory before a trial - a signed statement to that effect will prevent the witness from surfacing later with damaging information