Law Commission 1965

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Law commission revision notes for a level law

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Law Commission 1965
1 Codification
1.1 Make laws more Accessible and comprehensible
1.1.1 New Criminal Code 1985. But it was turned down by the Government.
2 Consolidate
2.1 Group acts under 1 act of Parliament
2.1.1 Sale of Goods Act 1994
3 Repeal
3.1 Get rid of old laws that have no relevance.
3.1.1 Law Reform (Year and a day rule) act 1996
4 Helps to modernise law
4.1 Under no political influence
4.1.1 specialist advice
5 1/3 proposals turned down
5.1 Government doesnt have to consult them. Can choose to ignore.
5.1.1 Gov can be Busy
6 5 Commissioners. -1Chairman (High Court Judge) ; 4 experienced lawyers
6.1 Research an area of law. Publish a green consultation paper, publishes a report from responses on proposals for reform. Bill is drafted (white paper) and given to parliament.
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