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Learn about the different ways people communicate online.

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Explain the term NETIQUETTE Short for 'internet etiquette' or 'network etiquette'. It is a set of conventions covering the use of networks used to interact with other people. The conventions are designed to prevent people causing offence to others.
What is a WEB LOG? Frequently updated journals with diary-like entries that allow people to express thoughts, feelings and detail their daily activities. Typically a blog includes text, photos and sometimes video.
Define the term 'ONLINE COMMUNITIES' A virtual community which exists only online. It may be open to anyone (e.g. a bulletin board) or restricted by interest (e.g. various scientifi c communities).
What is a NETWORK OF FRIENDS? A group of people who keep in up-to-date contact with each other.
What is a WEBLOG (BLOG)? Frequently updated online journals with diary-like entries which allow people to express their thoughts and feelings and give details of their daily activities. Typically, a blog includes text, photos and sometimes video.
What are MICROBLOGGING SITES? Give an example. These are sites which allows users to create and exchange really short text entries. A popular example of this type of site is Twitter™.
What are WIKI's? Websites that provide information that visitors to the site can extend and edit. They allow users to share information and are useful for research. The best-known example of a wiki is Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia which can be updated by contributors.
What are CHATROOMS? Online communication within communities is sometimes referred to as chat . Some of the large interactive communities where people take part in the same conversation or type of chat at the same time are known as chatrooms .
What are PODCASTS? Podcasts are a series of audio or video files that can be downloaded from the internet. If video is published in episodes like a blog, then this process is known as a vlog (videoblogging). YouTube is an example of a video-sharing website where individuals canshare vlogs.
What does VLE stand for? Virtual learning Environments
What is the purpose of a VLE? A school community may make use of a virtual learning environment (VLE) to distribute resources, support learning and assess progress online. A VLE is an education system based on web facilities. The system is a virtual world which mirrors the real world of education – it contains learning materials, tests, projects, lectures/lessons and allows interaction between teachers and learners. The system also records and tracks learners’ progress and performs other class management functions.
Name an example of a popular SOCIAL NETWORKING website Facebook, Twitter™, LinkedIn, Google+ and MySpace (or something similar)
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