Scientific Method

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Question Answer
Biology The study of living things
Organism A living thing
Steps of the scientific method 1. Observation 2. Hypothesis 3. Experimentation 4.Data 5. Conclusion 6. Theory 7.Principle
Limitations 1. Insufficient knowledge 2.Basis of investigation 3. Interpreting results 4. Changes in the natural world 5. Accidental discoveries 6. Ethical issues
Principles 1.Careful planning and design 2. Safety 3. Control 4. Fair
Fairness Random Selection Double-blind testing Sample Size Replicates
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Variable A factor that may change
Control Can be tested against the actual experiment. Differs by one variable to the test experiment.
Principle Arises from a theory that has withstood long vigorous testing.
Theory A hypothesis that has withstood all testing and has not yet proves itself to be untrue.
Hypothesis An educated guess based on an observation
Botany Plants
Zoology Animals
Microbiology Small living things
Taxonomy Classification
Anatomy Overall structure
Physiology Overall function
Cytology Cells
Biochemistry Chemical Reactions
Ecology Relationships between organisms and their environments
Genetics Inheritance
Bacteriology Bacteria
Mycology Fungi
Virology Viruses