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clinical psychology clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that looks at mental health and focuses on three things: diagnosing-schizophrenia, explaining-biological and treating- drug therapy .
social norms definition of abnormality? when we dont comply to what people expect of us and break what society sees as acceptable behaviour. For example riding an exercise bike down the street.
statistical definition abnormality? when a person falls into the minority 2.5% of either extreme they are abnormal for example a high and low IQ. a person who would be considered normal if the fell into the majority 95% average IQ.
validity in clinical psychology? refers to the accuracy of the diagnosis.if the diagonsis is accurate then the patient can get the correct treatment.
reliability in clinical psychology? refers to the consistency of the diagnosis for example if more then one psychiatrist agrees on the same diagnosis for one patient, using the DSM.
what is schizophrienia? it is a psychotic disorder. an umbrella term that cause the inabilty to distinguish what is true and false and creates disterbances in emotional and behavioural/thought processes.
what is primary and secondary data? primary data is data collected by the reseacher and is seen as 'fit for purpose', secondary data is data previously collected and is not see as 'fit for purpose'
issues and debates? ethnocentric, a science, nature/nurture, social control.
lab experiment loftus and palmer, for psycho being a science -lab, high reliability, low validity.
natural experiement charlton et al, high validity, low reliability, against psychology being a science.
field experiment hofling, high validity, low reliabilty -true to life /no control, against pscyho being science.
observation ainsworth, against psycho, high validity, low reliability -naturalistic observation.
case study genie, low reliability, high validity -except population validity, against psycho.
care in the community to provide treatment and support in a social way, to rehabilitate individuals, a variety of services avaliable. an example is ACT-helps schizos with frequent relapses, main focus is independece, rehabilitation, recovery and it uses multi agency.
an advantage and disadvantage of care in the community +individuals prefer community care - lack of close supervision may result in individuals dropping out.
an advantage and disadvantage of ACT + bond -looked into the effectivness of it and concluded that it was highly effective. - maybe a genuine idea but it costs less then hospitalisation.
nature and nurture all approaches have both a nature/nurture aspect. contributions from the nature/nurture debate:gender development, attachment behaviour, aggression. composite explanation(conclusion)
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