Action Potential

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A stimulus is received causing... ...some sodium voltage gated channels to open.
Sodium ions... ...diffuse into the axon through these channels.
Sodium ions are... ...positively charged.
They reverse... ...the potential difference across the membrane.
As the sodium ions diffuse into the axon... ...more sodium channels open.
The membrane is depolarised and now... ... the voltage-gated sodium ion channels close.
The voltage gated potassium ion channels... and potassium ions diffuse out of the axon.
The axon is... ...repolarised.
The inside of the axon becomes more negative than usual... ...which is known as hyperpolarisation.
The potassium ion channels close and the sodium-potassium pumps... ...cause sodium ions to be pumped out and potassium ions in.
The... ...resting potential is re-established.
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