Anatomy: Muscle Groups

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Anatomy: Muscle groups

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Name the 3 muscles on the large intestine meridian
Image: A (image/jpg)
1.Fascia Lata 2.Hamstrings 3.Quadratus Lumborum
Name the only heart meridian muscle
Image: B (image/png)
1. Subscapularis
Name the 6 muscles on the triple warmer meridian
Image: C (image/jpg)
1.Sartorius (adrenals) 2.Teres Minor (thyroid) 3.Infraspinatus (thymus) 4.Gastrocnemius (adrenals) 5.Gracilis (adrenals) 6.Soleus (adrenals)
Name the 2 muscles on the gallbladder meridian 1.Anterior Deltoid 2.Popliteus
Name the 2 muscles on the liver meridian 1.Pectoralis Major Sternal (PMS) 2.Rhomboids
Name the 4 muscles on the lung meridian (1 has 2 tests) 1.Deltoid and posterior deltoid 2.Diaphragm 3.Anterior Serratus 4.Coracobrachialis
Name the 8 muscles on the stomach meridian 1.Pectoralis Major Clavicular(PCM), 2.Levator Scapulae, 3.Neck Muscles/Flexors(A&P), 4.Brachioradialis, 5.Pectoralis Minor 6.Pronator Teres 7.Subclavius 8.Supinator
Name the 4 muscles on the spleen/pancreas meridian (1 has 2 tests) 1.Latissimus Dorsii 2.Opponen Pollicis Longus 3.Trapezius - Upper & Middle(spleen) 4.Triceps
Name the 2 muscles on the small intestine meridian (1 has 4 tests) 1.Quadriceps 2.Abdominals (Rectus, transverse, oblique, straight leg raises)
Name the 3 kidney meridian muscles 1.Psoas 2.Upper Trapezius 3.Iliacus (ICV)
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