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Theory of Mind definition The ability to attribute mental states to oneself / others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires and intentions that are different from one’s own
Methods for testing ToM in humans - Sally-Anne test / unexpected transfer test - unexpected content test
The traditional view about non-human primates They can understand the goals of an action, however they are not capable of copying
Nagell et al (1993) - comparison of chimps and 2-year old children - demonstrating of an action in two ways: one group sees in one way while the other another way - children focus on the actual method and copy it - chimps: the two groups did the same way
Whiten et al (2007) - experiment in the wild: demonstration that the traditional view is probably not true - demonstrates how to open the puzzle box in the wild to different chips in colonies - transfer of knowledge detected - predominantly used the method they saw first - first experimental evidence that non-human primates can sustain unique local cultures
Hare et al (2001) - first experiment investigating ToM in non-human primates - dominant and subordinate competing for food - if dominant sees the food the subordinate does not do anything - if the dominant cannot see the food subordinate takes it - evidence that in certain situations chimps know what conspecifics see and use this information
Hamilton (2009) Hierarchy of goal understanding - movements goals and desires - when desires crystallize into a plan then it can be broken down into a set of goals
Mirror neuron definition A neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observed the same action performed by another
Rizzolatti (1996) - recorder electoral activists from 532 neuron - found discharge during goal directed hand / mouth movement - a set of F5 neurons were discovered: active both when the monkey performed an action and observed a similar action
Umilta et al (2001) Support the mirror neuron theory by showing that a subset of neuron becomes active during action presentation and execution - mirror neuron could be the basis of action recognition
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