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Character The combination of features and traits such as virtues and vices that form the individual nature of a person.
Courage The Ability to rise above personal challenges and fears, even in the face of death
Ideals The best possible standards people would like to achieve in their lives.
Knowledge Ability to come to know God better and to learn new lessons from experiences of God
Original Sin The human tendency to disobey God inherited from the first parents of the human race.
Reverence Ability to keep growing in respect for God and the things of God and others
Right Judgment Ability to judge the true value of everything
Saints All baptised people including those in heaven, purgatory and those still alive in the world.
Self-mastery Being strong-willed enough to have control over one’s thoughts, emotions and actions.
Soul The immortal spirit in each living human person.
Spirituality Seeking, sensing and thinking about meaning and purpose in life that connects a person with something greater than themselves.
Understanding Ability to understand, like Jesus, the meaning of God’s actions
Virtue A habit of doing what is good.
Vice A habit of doing what is wrong.
Wisdom Ability to see the good in everything God does
Wonder and Awe Ability to keep returning love to God for all God’s gifts
Assumption The event in the life of Mary when at the end of her life she was taken up, body and soul, into heaven.
Christ The Greek form of the word Messiah. One filled with the Spirit of God who would deliver his people and establish God’s reign in the world.
Crucifixion A form of punishment used to execute people guilty of serious crimes by being roped or nailed to a T-shaped cross and left to die.
Gospel A literary form used in ancient times to announce good news. Used by Christians to tell the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
Immaculate Conception The doctrine that the Holy Spirit preserved Mary from original sin from the moment of her conception.
Marian devotions Special feast days, celebrations and prayers that honour Mary as Mother of God and Mother of the Church
Messiah ‘The Anointed One’. One filled with the Spirit of God who would deliver his people and establish God’s reign in the world.
Miracle An event for which there is no human explanation but which points to the action of God.
Parable A saying or story used to illustrate a teaching. A comparison by which earthly things convey a spiritual or heavenly meaning.
Redeem To recover something of value by one’s effort or a payment of some kind. Applied to Jesus recovering people from sin by sacrificing his life on the cross.
Resurrection The event where Jesus overcame the power of death by God’s saving power.
Son of Man Someone who would receive power over all the nations of the earth in the act of establishing the Kingdom of God.
The Cross The chief symbol of the Christian faith and a reminder that Jesus died for all people on a cross.
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