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What is the strategic role of HR management? ✿ Attract and maintain employees ✿ Guidance and support ✿ Management of all relationships between employee and employer ✿ Treat workers as an asset- add value/efficiency to the workplace ✿ Have specific strategies to achieve objectives
Why is it important to treat employees well? ✿ Job Satisfaction ✿ More motivated ✿ Higher productivity ✿ Less absenteeism ✿ More innovative ideas ✿ Willing to learn
What are HR managers responsible for in the workplace? ✿ Job Design ✿ Acquisition: recruitment, selection, placement ✿ Training and development: Induction, training, career development, appraisal ✿ Maintenance: wellbeing, legal responsibilities, communications ✿ Performance management and rewards ✿ Separation ✿ Managing diversity, EEO, Legislation
How is HR interdependent on other key business functions? Finance: ✿ Pay wages/salaries ✿ Training ✿ Affirmative action payment ✿ Recruit skilled staff to increase profit Operations: ✿ Need employees to operate machines or undertake service ✿ Logistics workers ✿ Recruit staff, monitor, employee wellbeing Marketing: ✿ Customer service ✿ Personal selling ✿ People to design product, pricing, place ✿ Sets goals for operations ✿ HR provide employees for what marketing wants HR: ✿ Awareness of global trends ✿ Labour issues ✿ Industrial relations ✿ Auditing
Why should a business be aware of changes in the business environment? (economic downturn, online services, labour shortages, rising wage costs) Economic Downturn: ✿ Maintain current staff ✿ Reskill/multiskill ✿ Restructure business ✿ Retrain Rising Wage Costs: ✿ Use other incentives Online Services: ✿ Train in computer based b/g's ✿ Retrench workers Labour Shortages: ✿ Maintain staff ✿ Outsource- other states
What avenues are often outsourced? What is included in HR functions? ✿ Property and facilities management ✿ Financial processes (payroll, admin, internal auditing ✿ HR FUNCTIONS: - Payroll - Recruitment - Induction - Leadership training - Outplacement HR AREAS OUTSOURCED: - Info systems - Change management - Training/evaluation/development - Compensation - Successive planning - Coaching - Employee surveys - Policies
Give a case study for the outsourcing of HR functions. E.I Group: - Employment - HR - Payroll - WH&S
What part of the syllabus is "Using Contractors" from? Role of HR Management • Outsourcing - Human resource functions
What is a contractor? An external provider of services to a business employed under a contract for a service Used to; save costs, greater expertise, capabilities, increase competitiveness
Describe the two types of contractors. Domestic: • 1 M independent contractors • Cost effective- fixed prices • Less problems- same laws, easier, use legal avenues Case study- Telstra • Call centres Melbourne • Data and domestic services contracted Global: • Process outsourcing; outsource tasks done everyday- repetitive, easily measured and documented e.g. Recruitment, payroll, food prep- airline • Project outsourcing; outsource whole section of HR. e.g. marketing, IT, research - Intellectual property - Long period of time Advantages: - Cheap - Ease into market Disadvantages: - Language barriers - Payment issues/exchange rate - Difficult to enforce contract - Poor relationships CASE STUDY: Apple: workers in asia Qantas: Flight attendants based in london, IT india, Maintenance of jobs Singapore Virgin Blue: IT- specialised, saved money, new networks- however crash caused- loss of customers, high cost, disputes
Distinguish the differences between a contractor and an employee Employee: - regular/continuous - negotiated wage agreement - entitled to sick leave/maternity/annual leave - workers comp; provided by employer - employer responsible for tax Contractor: - Fixed term contract - Fixed agreed wage - Provide own insurance - Responsible for own tax - No legal entitlements
What are the key influences of a business in relation to HR management? • Stakeholders • Legal • Economic • Technological • Social • Ethics and CSR
Who are the stakeholders of a business that have an influence on HR management? • Government Organisations • Employees/Employers • Employer Associations/Unions • Society
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