Physical properties of metals

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Ductility Application? The ability of a substance to be drawn into wire. They are capable of being able to be bent, twisted and drawn into forms without shattering application: wires and metal taking
Sonorous Relation to Metals Application The ability to produce sound. These types of metal are commonly used to develop musical instruments. Trumpet
Electrical Conductivity Relation to metals The capability of a substance that permit an electrical current to pass through it. Metals are good conductors of electricity
Thermal Conductivity Relation to metals Application The ability of a substance that allows heat to pass through it Metals are very good conductors of heat Application: Cookware
Malleability Relation to metals Application The capacity of a substance to be beaten into a sheet without breaking Metals can be hammered, rolled and pressed into a range of forms without cracking Application: Aluminium Foil
Melting and boiling point Relation to metals The capability of a substance to sustain high temperature Metals are in a solid state at room temperature
Lustre and Color Relation to Metals Application Explain how well the substance shines or reflects light Metals are lustrous while non-metals are dull. Most metals have a silver-grey color Application: Jewelry
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