Hon US History - The Gilded Age

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Urbanization in America about 1870 - 1900. Learning about the Gilded Age.

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gilded age era of growth and inventions - changed the views of americans on society, themselves, values
individualism anyone from any beginning could rise to the top and be great
social darwinism softer version of individualism 'survival of the fittest'
gospel of wealth carnegie version social darwinism wealthy use $ to help poor
popular culture people began having $ and time to spend on entertainment like sports, vaudeville, and amusement parks
helping the urban poor people started finding ways to help the poor
social gospel movement used bible ideas of charity and justice to improve cities and people
salvation army offered aid and religious counseling to poor
ymca provided cheap housing, gyms, groups, training, bible study, libraries, etc to poor
settlement house movement reformers - including college educated women - established settlement homes in poor areas usually with immigrants. offered medical care, education, recreation
jane addams hull house - popular settlement house
public education expanded tremendously between 1870 and 1900 - number of public schools rose from 6.5 million to 17.3 million!
lessons learned in schools good work ethic discipline, attention to detail etc
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