Massive blood transfusion


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Haemorrhage large flow of blood from a damaged blood vessel
Causes of haemorrhage obstetric gastro post operative bleeds
Haemorrhage and traume - resus haemostatic resus in context of skin, thoracic cavity, abdo cavity, pelvis, retropertoneum, long bones
Haemorrhagic shock involved any quantity of acute blood loss that results in evidence of end organ hypoperfusion
Process of haemorrhagic that leads to death lethal triad hypothermia, acidosis, coagulopathy
Coagulopathy an imbalance of dynamic equilibrium between procoagulant factors, anticoagulant factors
Seven key factors of coagulapathy tissue trauma, shock, haemodilution, hypothermia, acidaemia, inflammation, consumption of coagulation factors
Treatment principles damage control of resuscitation early haemostatic resuscitation damage control surgery permissive hypotension
Haemostatic resuscitation key components include permissive hypotention use of blood products over isotonic fluids early correction of coagulopathy
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