Aortic Regurgitation

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Question Answer
what is AR backflow of blood through the aorta in diastole
what does chronic mean? persisting over a long period of time
what does acute mean short, severe course ex. tear a cusp
what are some AR etiologies inflammation, structural changes, stress
what is inflammatory etiology? reaction of tissue to injury, infection, or irriation Ex. pheumatic, phen phen, syphilis, lupus
what are some structural changes that can occur? senile calcific disease, dilation -Ao dissection, endocarditis, trauma, bicuspid valve
What are some other problems that can be caused by stress etiology hypertension, aortic aneurysm and or dissection, atherosclerosis
what are some complications of AR LV volume overload Increased risk of infective endocarditis Decrease LV function(systolic) late in course Jet around 4m/s Circular heart poor function
what are some secondary changes with AR chronic AR=progressive volume overload of the LV see greater that normal EF Mod AR expect Frank Starling ^ preload ^contraction Prognosis related to EF
Murmur that is heard with AR Austin Flint
Symptoms of AR Austin Flint Murmur Wide pulse pressure DOE
what is a wide pulse pressure? diastolic BP less than normal Systolic BP greater than normal
Is the austin flint murmur a diastolic or systolic event? diastolic murmur
What would you use to diagnose AR Doppler and Color Doppler are sensitive tools to detect AR
What would an AR pressure waveform look like? Increased diastolic LV pressure
What is one way to evaluate AR CW Doppler signal intensity more RBC, more dense the spectral envelope
What does the slope diastolic decay indicate? Pressure is equalizing rapidly during diastole
AR peak velocity is around___m/s 4
How can if tell if AR is severe on M-mode early diastolic closure of the MV No A wave!
What will you find on M-mode with AR Diastolic flutter of the AMVL
Where do you place the PW for SV calculation? Put PW Doppler in the same area diameter was measured for accuracy
what does ERO stand for Effective Regugitant Orifice
what does ROA stand for Regurgitant Orifice Area
What are the 3 components of an AR jet? Flow convergence Vena contracta Jet direction and size
what is the vena contracta smallest neck at the level of the aortic valve approximation of EROA >0.6 cm SEVERE
P1/2 time is affected by increased____ LVEDP
How do you assess AR by Doppler CW Doppler Density of signal reflects RV Spectral slope Pressure half time ERO
what is a tip in evaluating descending aortic flow use highest frequency transducer optimize color
TRUE or False holodiastolic reversal of flow in the descending Ao indicates severe aortic regurgitation TRUE
What type of Doppler do you use in the Descending Ao PW Doppler
True or False Is it normal to see red flow in the descending Ao during diastole FALSE
True or false Significant flow reversal in the descending Ao that is absent in the abdominal Ao, indicates that the AR is moderate but not severe. TRUE
True or False Flow reversal in both the descending and abdominal Ao indicates severe AR TRUE