Trigonometric Functions

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Every time you use a trigonometric function, the triangle must be a(n)... Right triangle
The side on the opposite side of a given angle is called "opposite."
The side of a triangle that is the only side touching the given angle (besides the hypotenuse)is the "adjacent."
The longest side of a given triangle is the "hypotenuse." (It is never called adjacent.)
Tangent Abbreviated as "tan" is opposite divided by adjacent.
Sine Abbreviated as "sin" is opposite divided by hypotenuse.
Cosine Abbreviated as "cos" is adjacent divided by hypotenuse.
Trigonometric Tables Tables that help you figure out how many degrees an angle is after you find out the sin, cos, or tan.
Example of Trigonometric Table:
Example of using a Trigonometric Function: sin 37°= ?
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