Grade 5 music theory - Italian terms

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Flashcards to help remember the meaning of Italian terms needed for at most Grade 5 Music Theory.

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Allegro Fast and lively
Andante Walking pace
Cantabile In a singing style
Giocose Gaily (happily)
Dolce Sweetly
Espressivo Expressively
Gracioso Gracefully
Legato Smoothly
Maestoso Majestically
Meno Less
Molto Much
Piacevole Pleasantly
Pizzicato (pizz.) Pluck
Ritmico Rhythmically
Scherzo Playfully
Spirito Spirited
Stringendo Gradually faster
Subito Suddenly
Tranquillo Tranquil (calm)
Tutti All
-etto e.g. Allegretto Rather/Somewhat e.g. Somewhat fast