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What are the variable types and what can they store String: text Boolean: True or False Integer: whole numbers Real: numbers with fractional parts
Give an example of an assignment expression score = 120
Name two logical operators. Give an example of one. AND OR Score = 50 and Pass = true
Name two design notations Give an example of them Graphical and Textual Graphical = flowcharts Textual = Pseudocode
Give two examples of what makes your code more readable Internal Commentary - explaining your code White Space - section out code
What are the 3 testing types with a definiton Normal: in range Extreme: edge of range Exceptional: out of range
Name the 3 error types Syntax, Logic and Execution
What is a Logic Error Using AND/OR incorrectly
How do you convert from bits to Bytes Divide by 8
How do you convert from Bytes to bits Multiply by 8
How do you convert to a larger storage unit Divide by 1024
How do you convert to a smaller storage unit Multiply by 1024
How do you find the binary capacity x bit system- 2 to the power of whatever bit size
Give 2 advantages and a disadvantage of using vector graphics Advantages - each object can be moved independently. - background isn't stored, file size is lower Disadvantage - can't do special effects
What is bitmap binary colour code in pixels
number of pixels * bits per pixel = ? size of file
Name 2 storage devices Built in Memory stick
Name 3 legal acts Data Protection Computer misuse Copyright, Designs and Patents
What does URL mean Uniform Resource Locator
Name the 2 buses and state their use Data - transfers program data Address - transfer memory address details
What are the 3 parts of a processor Arithmetic and Logic Unit(ALU) Control Unit Registers
Name the 2 memory types and what they stand for RAM - Random Access Memory ROM - Read Only Memory
What is Translation When high level programs need to be translated into machine code for computer to run
What is the purpose of Javascript Security on pages Altering document content Adding a hit counter
Name the 4 parts to a URL - protocol - domainName/ host/ serverID / - the folder name - the file type
Identify the protocol, file type and domain name: protocol - http:// domain name - file type - party.html
What is a Denial of service attack Where a machine or network resource is made unavailable to its intended users.
Where are binary instructions stored before being executed RAM
State 3 things which make a user interface more suitable Easy navigation Good readability Visual Layout Target Audience
State 3 standard file formats for graphics and what they do GIF - compresses files with no loss in quality JPEG - removes parts of image it feels are unnecessary - good for photographs PNG - uses mathematical formula to reduce file size
Difference between internal and external hyperlinks Internal is to pages in the same domain and external is to pages outside the domain
What is a pre-defined function something that is built into the program so that you only have to use the variable name and not code from scratch every time
What is a Syntax Error misspelling variables or poor spelling These will STOP the program from working
What is an Execution error dividing by zero, infinite loop, storing letters as an Integer These will cause program to crash
How would you store binary as a real number mantissa x (base to the power of exponent)
What is the difference between RAM and ROM RAM is used to store running programs ROM stores programs required to boot the computer up.
Name the 2 sound standard file formats and state the difference WAV - good quality, large file size MP3 - smaller file size, still good quality
Name 2 output devices Screen/Monitor Printer Speakers
Name 4 Input Devices Keyboard Scanner Mouse Trackerball Trackpad
What does HTML stand for HyperText Markup Language
Name a built - in storage and an external storage Built - in - hard disc External - memory stick
Name 3 security risks Denial of Service Attack keylogging Hackers Viruses
Name 3 security precautions Passwords Firewall Anti-virus software
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