IT Revision 2.0 - GCSE IT with Mr. Papworth

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This is some more GCSE IT revision.

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What is this? 1) Internal modem 2) Flash drive 3) External modem It's an internal modem. An internal modem is a device installed inside a desktop or laptop computer, allowing the computer to communicate over a telephone network with other computers. that have modems
What is a CPU? A CPU is the central processing unit and it is the brains of the computer where most calculations take place.
What is a RAM? RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It's where temporary instructions, calculations and dynamic commands.
What is a power supply? A power supply converts mains electricity into the different power levels to supply the different components of a computer.
What's ROM? Read only memory is memory which does not lose its when the power is off. It's used to store system information needed to make the computer, otherwise known as the bios
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