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The Czechoslovakians called it 'socialism with a human face' The "Prague Springs" refers to the reforms made by Dubcek in the Spring of 1968 Dubcek remained a devoted Communist however he wanted to win support for the Communist regime by removing the worst features
The Reforms A ten year programme which would bring democratic votes, a muli-party state. This gave the people greater say in running the country. Creation of work councils representing the workforce to improve conditions and rights Greater political freedom. By March 1968, the media were publically grilling Communist leaders A reduction of power from the secret police to imprison without trial Removal of travel Restrictions with West and new Trade set up
Dubcek's reforms encouraged his opponents to demand for even more radical reforms USSR became suspicious cos most important country in Warsaw Pact. It was centrally placed and had the stongest industry. Brezhnev was worried that Czechoslovakia wouls leave the Warsaw Pact and allow NATO to move in. This would split the Eastern bloc and move NATO's frontier a further 700km
20th-21st/8/1968- 100,000 Warsaw Pact troops enter Czechoslovakia -Meet with opposition from students -Dubcek arrested and sent to Moscow, to be replaced with a more hard line leader Gustav Husak Demonstrations in Prague until April 1969 Jan Palach set fire to himself in January 1969 to protest Brezhnev doctrine introduced Communist countries one party state All countries must remain in Warsaw Pact
Brezhnev's actions condemned in West But it was also condemned by Warsaw Pact nations and some Communist party leaders in France+Italy US didn't react cos at war in Vietnam China was crucial to Brezhnev's action -Believed it was wrong to use force against a fellow Communist Nation