Unit 1: Media production & regulation

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The 5 stages of media production media.jpg (image/jpg) Pre-production Production Post-production Distribution Exhibition/Consumption
Two types of media product analog_v_digtial.jpg (image/jpg) Analogue Digital
Platform platform.jpg (image/jpg) The means by which media is distributed TV broadcast, Cinema, Radio broadcast, Digital Download, CD, DVD, Website
Devices device.jpg (image/jpg) The way a media product is accessed Smartphone, TV, Computer, Games Console, Tablet, E-reader
Cross-media Synergy synergy.jpg (image/jpg) The way Media makes links across sectors to co-promote products e.g. Heat magazine & Big Brother Disney & Computer Games
Regulates advertisements ASA.png (image/png) Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
Responsible for classifying films 15_rating.png (image/png) British Board Film Classification (BBFC)
Regulates the TV and radio sectors OFCOM.png (image/png) Office of Communications (OFCOM)
Technological convergence convergence.png (image/png) When a range of platforms can be accessed by a single device e.g. the iPhone is a games console, MP3 player, camera and web browser.
Media Sectors 56e46fd8-b5b1-4d06-b539-b9eed1359ca1.png (image/png) Moving Image Audio Games Websites Publishing