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Odysseus The king of Ithaca, a leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War, who reached home after ten years of wandering.
Athene The goddess of wisdom, the practical arts, and warfare, and the protectress of cities, especially Athens. - favors Odysseus
Zeus the supreme god of the ancient Greeks, who became ruler of gods and men after he dethroned his father Cronus and defeated the Titans 20120118093804_ZEUS_PERCY.jpg (image/jpg)
Poseidon the ancient Greek god of the sea and of horses tumblr_mrqcmro6GN1r4udu8o1_500.gif (image/gif)
Hermes maxresdefault.jpg (image/jpg)
1. Peneolope the wife of Odysseus, who remained true to him during his long absence despite the horror of many suitors images__9_.jpg (image/jpg)
1. Telemachus The son of Odysseus and Penelope, who helped his father kill Penelope's suitors. immortals_07.jpg (image/jpg)
1. Calypso A sea nymph who delayed Odysseus on her island, Ogygia, for seven years. 9746b9a5c060334bc0f8aeb4c45c7492.jpg (image/jpg)
1. Laertes Odysseus's father images__20_.jpg (image/jpg)
2. Antinous suitor 600c9f312bc2faba8ad726f8c30e0306.jpg (image/jpg)
2. Eurymachus suitor images__8_.jpg (image/jpg)
2. Mentes Athene takes form of this family friend to encourage him to go to Pylos ans Sparta images__18_.jpg (image/jpg)
3. Nestor the son of Neleus, the King of Pylos images__25_.jpg (image/jpg)
3. Pisistratus Nestors son download__2_.jpg (image/jpg)
4. Menelaus King of Lacemedon, Sparta images__5_.jpg (image/jpg)
4. Helen The daughter of Zeus and Leda and wife of Menelaus, considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Her abduction by Paris caused the Trojan War. 05eb063bd653f7d499bcf70a63c1e301.jpg (image/jpg)
4. Eidothea Proteus's daughter, nymph greek-goddess-hair-updo.jpg (image/jpg)
4. Proteus Greek Mythology A sea god who could change his shape at will. 8.jpg (image/jpg)
4. Ajax Proteus told of his death to Menelaus images__19_.jpg (image/jpg)
4. Agamemnon died at the hands of Aegisthus. Hades.jpg (image/jpg)
4. Antinous and Eaurymachus 600c9f312bc2faba8ad726f8c30e0306.jpg (image/jpg)
4. Medon Court herald that overhears murder plans from the suitors - tells Penelope
4. Eaurycleia Maid of Penelope/ Ithican royalty Athenafilm.jpg (image/jpg)
5. Calypso 9746b9a5c060334bc0f8aeb4c45c7492.jpg (image/jpg)
5. Phaeacians one of a race of people inhabiting the island of Scheria . Calypso told Odysseus to go there on his way home from the Trojan War 300-rise-of-an-empire09.jpg (image/jpg)
5. Poseidon ... tumblr_mrqcmro6GN1r4udu8o1_500.gif (image/gif)
5. Ino Sea nymph 2nbral3.png (image/png)
6. Nausicaa Princess of the Phaeacians in Scheria 7eea76c501137898922ac898a6079935.jpg (image/jpg)
6. Dymas The friend of Nausicaa that Athene disguises herself as in a dream to convince her to go o the washing pools
6. Arete Queen of the Phaeacians, Nausicaa tells Odysseus to embrace her knees on arival to the palace kate_bogucharskaia_au_defile_dolce___gabbana_2014_149433817_north_545x.jpg (image/jpg)
7. Alcinous king of the Phaeacians Hades123.jpg (image/jpg)
7. Small Phaeacian girl Athene guides Odysseus to the palace in disguise
7. Arete images__10_.jpg (image/jpg)
7. Alcinous Hades123.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Athena images__4_.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Alcinous Hades123.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Demodokos. blind Phaeacian court singer mickey-rourke-in-the-immortals_500x374.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Odysseus 9913a12722c15aa1dce82e68b73c56eb3205840119-1304412461-4dbfc12d-620x348.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Laodamas Son of Alcinous
8. Halius Son of Alcinous wrath-of-da-titans.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Clytoneus Son of Alcinous wrath-of-da-titans__1_.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Ares God of war images__6_.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Aphrodite Goddess of beauty 29ab19d38d6d1d468075fe0ccac94589.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Hephaestus God of Blacksmiths and volcanoes immortals_01.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Achilles son of Peleus and Thetis, grandson of Aeacus, and commander of the Myrmidons, Achaean allies, at Troy download__2_.jpg (image/jpg)
8. Broad Sea challenges Odysseus; challenger; questions Odysseus
9. Cicones Trojan allies, living in Thrace, to the north of Troy 300-rise-of-an-empire09.jpg (image/jpg)
9. Lotus-Eaters legendary people visited by Odysseus, they live on a plant whose fruit induces stupor and forgetfulness of home images__17_.jpg (image/jpg)
9. Polyphemus Polyphemus Cyclops, son of Poseidon and Thoosa, blinded by Odysseus Thumb_Cyclopes.jpg (image/jpg)
9. Nobody "Odysseus"; he tells the Cyclops that his name is Nobody so that no one would believe that 'nobody' stabbed his eye
10. Aeolus master of the winds, Father of Cretheus wrath-4.jpg (image/jpg)
10. Laestrygonians legendary clan of giant cannibals images__21_.jpg (image/jpg)
10. Antiphates king of the Laestrygonians Sean-in-Percy-Jackson-the-Olympians-The-Lightning-Thief-sean-bean-24553515-853-480.jpg (image/jpg)
10. Aeaea island home of Circe
10. Circe goddess and enchantress of Aeaea, who changes men to swine 3066309392_7e20ab1108_z.jpg (image/jpg)
10. Eurylochus kin of Odysseus, and his second in command images__24_.jpg (image/jpg)
10. Hermes maxresdefault.jpg (image/jpg)
10. Tiresias blind seer of Thebes, who retains his prophetic powers even in the underworld Wrath-of-the-Titans---2-007.jpg (image/jpg)
10. Acheron a river in the underworld
10. Erebus the underworld
10. Elpenor companion of Odysseus images__22_.jpg (image/jpg)
11. Anticleia daughter of Autolycus, wife of Laertes, mother of Odysseus large.jpg (image/jpg)
11. Helios the sun
11. Ghost of Agamemnon king of Mycenae, son of Atreus, husband of Clytemnestra, murdered by her and Aegisthus; brother of Menelaus, supreme commander of all Achaea's armies and leader of the largest contingent at troy Hades.jpg (image/jpg)
11. Ghost of Achilles son of Peleus and Thetis, grandson of Aeacus, and commander of the Myrmidon, Achaean allies, at Troy download__2_.jpg (image/jpg)
11. Neoptolemus son of Achilles; married to Hermione, daughter of Helen and Menelaus orlandobloom_troy.jpg (image/jpg)
12. The Sirens download__4_.jpg (image/jpg)
12. Charybdis Scylla-and-Charybdis1.jpg (image/jpg)
12. Scylla tumblr_mcayvyvM9X1r8xssuo1_1280.jpg (image/jpg)
12. Circe 3066309392_7e20ab1108_z.jpg (image/jpg)
12. Thrinacia Island of the sun
12. Eurylochus Odysseus next comes to Thrinacia, the island of the Sun. He wants to avoid it entirely, but the outspoken Eurylochus persuades him to let his beleaguered crew rest there. images__24_.jpg (image/jpg)
12. Zeus 20120118093804_ZEUS_PERCY.jpg (image/jpg)
12. Calypso he storm sweeps him, he eventually reaches Ogygia, Calypso’s island. hy5Rx6JsvJTl.jpg (image/jpg)
13. Scheria Paeacian home
13. Alcinous Alcinous loads his gifts on board the ship that will carry Odysseus to Ithaca. Hades123.jpg (image/jpg)
13. Poseidon When Poseidon spots Odysseus in Ithaca, he becomes enraged at the Phaeacians for assisting his nemesis. He complains to Zeus, who allows him to punish the Phaeacians. tumblr_mrqcmro6GN1r4udu8o1_500.gif (image/gif)
13. The punishment/prophesy Just as their ship is pulling into harbor at Scheria, the prophecy mentioned at the end of Book 8 is fulfilled: the ship suddenly turns to stone and sinks to the bottom of the sea.
13. Ithaca Home of Odysseus
13. Athena But Athena, disguised as a shepherd, meets him and tells him that he is indeed in Ithaca. images__4_.jpg (image/jpg)
13. Eumaeus Ithican shepherd download__7_.jpg (image/jpg)
13. Telemachus immortals_07.jpg (image/jpg)
14. Eumaeus Odysseus finds Eumaeus outside his hut. Although Eumaeus doesn’t recognize the withered traveler as his master, he invites him inside. download__7_.jpg (image/jpg)
14. Penelope images__9_.jpg (image/jpg)
15. Pisistratus The youngest son of Nestor.
15. Theoclymenus a prophet's son who killed a man in Argos and begs for hospitality.
15. Eumaeus Odysseus's swineherd and friend
16. Amphinomus was considered the best-behaved of the suitors
17. Eurymachus Eurymachus, son of Polybus, is an Ithacan nobleman and one of the two leading suitors of Penelope
17. Theoclymenus Adds his prophecy: he says that Odysseus is in Ithaca as they speak, plotting revenge.
17. Melanthius goatherd Melanthius, who insults them and even gives Odysseus a kick.
18. Arnaeus A rude beggar named Arnaeus (Irus for short) wanders into the palace. He insults Odysseus-the-beggar when they meet on the grounds, and Antinous decides to pit them against each other so that the suitors can enjoy the fight
18. Amphinomus The suitor Amphinomus is especially kind to Odysseus-the-beggar. As they talk, Odysseus mentions his own past violence and error, advises him to live lawfully, and hints at the suitors' impending deaths.
19. Eurymachus Eurymachus, son of Polybus, is an Ithacan nobleman and one of the two leading suitors of Penelope
19. Eurycleia Nurse
19. Autolycus ash Odysseus's feet, she notices a scar Odysseus received while hunting with his grandfather Autolycus.
20. Amphinomus kind suitor
20. Ctesippus Athena wants to rouse Odysseus's anger so she inspires a suitor names Ctesippus to fling a hoof at him;
20. Theoclymenus The seer Theoclymenus points out dark omens: blood on the walls, ghosts at the doors, a mist that covers the sun. The suitors mock the seer and insult the king once again.
21. Philoetius The cowherd, Philoetius
22. Melanthius Goatheard
22. Mentor Athena appears in the guise of Mentor
22. Medon and the herald Odysseus spares only the bard and the herald Medon.
23. Tiresias Odysseus warns Penelope that he must make one more long, dangerous journey before they can settle down in peace. According to the prophecy in Book 11,
24. Achilles, Agamemnon Ghosts who talk to the suitors
24. Amphimedon Agamemnon recognizes Amphimedon
24. Eupithes Antinous's father
24. Mentor Athena in the disguise of Mentor gives Laertes great strength and he kills Eupithes with a spear.
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