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Freshman/Unit 3/November 2018

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Define an independent variable (manipulated); the one where YOU have the control over the choice of groups/amounts of something set up in a procedure
Define a dependent variable (responding); The one that you measure, & don't know the results of beforehand (data)
Define a constant variable Variables that do not change between tested groups (stays the same)
Define a control group A group that has all the constant variables but none of the independent variable (may not be necessary for all experiments); known as "normal" group
Define an experimental group A group that has all the constant variables AND the independent variable
What is the quantitative data? numbers
What is the quantative data? groups, not numbers
What is human error in an experiment? Where one makes a mistake in the produce, i.e. accidentally spilling something
What is experimental error in an experiment? Where something goes wrong or something you didn't take into account for in your procedures, i.e. doctors in 1950s not having women in their study when searching for symptoms of heart attacks
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