Biology Prefixes and Suffixes

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Learn basic prefixes and suffixes of Biology.

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Auto- self
Bi- two
Bio- life
Chloro- green
Cyto- cell
Di- two
Ecto- outer
Endo- within
Eu- true
Ex- out
Extra- outside
Glyco- sugar
Hetero- different
Homo- same
Hydro- water
Inter- between
Intra- within
Iso- equal
Macro- big
Micro- small
Meso- middle
Mono- one
Multi- many
Phago- eating
Photo- light
Pod- foot
Poly- many
Pseudo- false
Sacchar- sugar
Sperm- seed
Therm- heat
Uni- one
Zyg- yoke or union
-ase forming names of enzymes
-cellular related to cells
-chem dealing with chemicals
-cyte cell
-itis disease
-kinesis movement, motion
-logy the study of
-lysis dissolving, destruction
-ose sugar
-plasm material forming cells
-plast organized living material
-sis condition, state
-sperm seed
-stasis a stationary condition
-synthesis to put together, to make
-troph food
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