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Flash cards to revise for an English exam. Learn about nouns, homophones, synonyms and antonyms, creative writing pieces and much more
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What are synonyms? They are similar words but different meanings eg. big, huge, large
What are antonyms? They are the opposite meaning of a word eg. hot, cold yes, no in, out up, down
What are homophones? They sound the same but mean different things
What are nouns? They are n, n, n naming words
What are common nouns? They are common words that we use daily but in general terms. eg. boy, girl, cat, dog
What are proper nouns? They all have capital letters. They are peoples names eg. Olivia, names of a place eg. Saint Monica's College , business eg. Nike or thing.
What are collective nouns? The describe a particular group. eg. a flock of sheep, a school of fish.
What are abstract nouns? They are the emotion or feeling that someone has written or said. eg. He walked with grief as his muddy boots stomped through the paddock.
What are you trying to tell the readers in the orientation of a narrative/creative peice characters, setting the scene and using who, what, when, where, how & why
What happens in the "problem stage" Something has to go wrong in your story
What happens in the series of events? This is when we explain how to fix the problem but DON'T resolve the resolution yet.
What is the climax? This is when we tell the readers about the most exciting and most suspenseful moment in the story
What is the resolution? This is when the problem is resolved. This part may end good or bad depending on your story.
What is a prefix? It is when we add a few letters at the start of the word to change its meaning to the opposite of what it was. eg. able changes to unable
What is a suffix? It means to change a meaning of a word by adding a few letters to the back. eg. music changes to musician the suffix is 'ian'
What are adjectives? They are describing words. eg . the BIG and GREEN bird flew GRACIOUSLY through the THICK, BROWN trees.
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